Raiders hire Avezzano to coach special teams

The Oakland Raiders have hired Joe Avezzano as their special teams coach. Below Avezzano's quotes:

"Norv Turner has been a friend and associate of mine for a good while. I have always had great confidence and admiration for his ability as a football coach. When he called and you add to the fact that the Oakland Raiders is the place he ended up, that made for a situation that I did want to find out about. I flew out there and was there yesterday. I agreed to become their special teams coach last night."

"The Raider Nation, Al Davis and the fantastic history of the Oakland Raiders are some of the few things in this league that can rival the tremendous history the Dallas Cowboys have created over the years. The Raiders have a unique mystique and a unique history to it. With all the players they've had. Fred Bilitnikoff is an ex-teammate of mine, and I'll be reunited with him on the Raiders staff. Players like Ray Guy show the team's determination to have good kickers and a good kicking game. All these things were vital to me. I want to be part of a unique program, a unique organization. I am thrilled to be able to be part of the Raiders."

"There's a uniqueness and mystique about it that appeals to me. I look forward to helping Norv and contributing to his success so that we can enjoy the good times that come with winning in the NFL."

(on the specialists the Raiders already have in place) "I've been around some great football players. I would say most of the things I've achieved in this league are a direct result of the quality of football players we've had here. When I look at the Raiders, I know this: there's a quality kicker, a quality punter, a quality snapper and a quality returner, and boy, I like that. Their commitment to special teams is obvious when you draft a kicker with your first pick. I'm very happy and very pleased with the philosophical approach of the Raiders, the people in place, and that will help me do a good job for them."

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