Looking at the last three drafts

In terms of evaluating drafts, most people have their own idea of what the term "boom" or "bust" means.

The Oakland Raiders will be early participants in the 2004 draft, thanks to a dreadful 4-12 season. How exactly does one determine the notion of "boom" or "bust?" Again, that's open for discussion.

If, say, a first or second round draft pick does not minimally become a starter within three years of being drafted, that situation could be construed as a bust because the team invested a lot in that player. Notice how we say "three" years. That is because it takes some players more time to reach their potential. If, however, a third-round pick or later does not pan out, he should not be considered a bust because the team does not invest much in such players.

Here's a closer look at the previous three Raider drafts:


Derrick Gibson (Florida State), safety, first round: Definitely falls into the "bust" category. It's easy to blame injuries but even when healthy Gibson has been nothing resembling a first rounder.

Marques Tuiasosopo (Washington), quarterback, second round: Too early to draw any conclusion after playing a half in two games.

DeLawrence Grant (Oregon State), defensive end, third round: Went from hardly playing as a rookie to starting and playing pretty well in his second year to dropping off the map last season.

Raymond Perryman (Northern Arizona), safety, fifth round: Never could climb up the depth chart. He has since joined Jacksonville.

Chris Cooper (Nebraska-Omaha), defensive tackle, sixth round: Cooper is exactly what teams hope for in sixth round picks. He's a capable starter if need be but is a guy that adds quality depth.

Derek Combs (Ohio State), cornerback, seventh round: Still trying to make a position change from running back to cornerback..

Ken-Yon Rambo (Ohio State), wide receiver, seventh round: Cut at the end of camp that year. He has since been a Dallas Cowboy and New York Jet.


Phillip Buchanon (Miami-Florida), cornerback, first round:

He has been electrifying as a punt returner but still has a lot to prove as a cornerback.

Napoleon Harris (Northwestern), linebacker, first round: He became a starter so instantly that the Raiders cut popular veteran Greg Biekert to make room for him.

Langston Walker (California), offensive tackle, second round: He has been a capable fill-in but now is his time to show that he is starter's material.

Doug Jolley (BYU), tight end, second round: He became an immediate contributor but many wonder if he is a tight end trapped in a receiver's body.

Kenyon Coleman (UCLA), defensive end, fifth round: Looked like he was on his way toward pushing for a starting spot but traded to Dallas at the end of last preseason.

Keyon Nash (Albany State), safety, sixth round: Could get another shot to make the team this year.

Larry Ned (San Diego State), running back, sixth round: Has since joined Minnesota.

Ronald Curry (North Carolina), wide receiver, seventh round: Still trying to make the position change from quarterback to wide receiver.


Nnamdi Asomugha (California), cornerback, first round: He could fit in as either a corner or safety but which one could he master?

Tyler Brayton (Colorado), defensive end, first round: Had a baptism by fire last season. He should continue to improve in his second year.

Teyo Johnson (Stanford), tight end, second round: Still trying to make the transition from college wide receiver to NFL tight end.

Sam Williams (Fresno State), defensive end, third round: Oakland was high on Williams but has not seen near enough to know where he fits in the picture.

Justin Fargas (USC), running back, third round: He's got the big-play capability but can he stay healthy enough to be a full-time back?

Shurron Pierson (South Florida), linebacker, fourth round: Special teams is his best shot to make the roster.

Doug Gabriel (Central Florida), wide receiver, fifth round: Who knows if he's a diamond in the rough as a receiver but he showed big-play capability as a kickoff returner late last season.

Dustin Rykert (BYU), offensive tackle, sixth round: Did not hook on with another team after Oakland cut him.

Siddeeq Shabazz (New Mexico State), seventh round: Picked up by Atlanta after Oakland cut him.

Ryan Hoag (Gustavus Adolphus), seventh round: On the New York Giants practice squad after Oakland cut him.

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