In the Locker room

William Thomas

It's just a matter of getting down to business. They were running a lot of counter plays and that is what hurt us in the Seattle game.

RE: Beating the Giants  It's always a statement because that is the team that won the NFC last  year. It's pretty much the same team out there and there are not a lot of  changes (from last year) and we have to go out there and take care of  business on our own. 

 Lincoln Kennedy 

 RE: On Michael Strahan  I respect Michael (Strahan)very much both as an individual and as a  player. I knew I was going to have my hands full and I did. I didn't  prepare any differently than I have in the past. I was a little more  focused during the game time because I know what he has accomplished.

He's got a power move, a bull rush move that is very hard to stop. He's a complete athlete. It's not easy to get a push on him versus the run and  it's a full job to keep him on the pass.

Michael and I will see each other down the line and I hope it's a war  every time. He's a handful to me and I hope I was a handful to him. 

 Jerry Rice

This is a big win for the Raiders. We knew New York had their backs  against the wall and I feel we had to make a statement today to position ourselves.

I feel like we took the momentum and we controlled the game pretty well.  When you could come into New York and win a football game it says a lot  about the Raiders.

RE:On Gannon and Tim Brown  I think his awareness out on the football field. He doesn't make mental  mistakes, he's very competitive and he makes good decisions. He's a leader out there on the football field. 

 Then you have the captain Tim Brown. I was just in awe watching those guys go to work and they did a fantastic job. 

 Charles Woodson 

We put pressure on Kerry all day today and we gave him some different  looks and did a good job of not letting him feel comfortable in the pocket.

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