Treu the starter -- for now

You'll have to pardon Oakland Raiders center Adam Treu for taking the "assume nothing" approach.

Despite the fact that the Oakland Raiders released longtime starter Barret Robbins last week and drafted Jake Grove (Virginia Tech) in the second round, Treu is listed as the starting center. Some people assumed that Grove would instantly become the starter.

Treu was in the same situation as last year as Robbins was recovering from a knee injury and trying to get back in the good graces of the team after his well-publicized Super Bowl weekend episode. Matt Stinchcomb, a tackle by trade, however, became the opening day starter.

"It's a business and each year I learn more and more about how the NFL operates," Treu said. "It was 11 months ago and I haven't thought about it sense. I came to grips with it and put it behind me."

Former Raiders head coach Bill Callahan was concerned at the time of having Treu do double duty as the starting center and long-snapper. First-year Raiders head coach Norv Turner has not exactly shown a lack of concern.

"It's a concern there's no question," Turner said. "Adam's handled it well. There have been a couple of guys throughout the league that have done it, not many, but he showed he can do it."

Treu filled in for Robbins in the Super Bowl as well as throughout the 2001 season when Robbins sustained a season-ending knee injury. Treu did not say such but last season seemed somewhat puzzled at not becoming the starter.

"We're here to work," Treu said. "Coach Turner told me, I'm going to play who's better at the end. There's no assuming or you get a false (sense of) security."

Treu, whom Oakland drafted in 1997, has an unselfish mentality to help Grove. Treu pointed out that Pat Harlow helped him as a rookie. Treu, however, added that he is confident that his own ability has improved.

"We had a good spring and summer," Treu said. "Each year, the retention is there and I develop mentally more and more on how a team is going to play."

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