Woodson speaks on Outside the Lines

Another day will go by for the Oakland Raiders without cornerback Charles Woodson, who is in a contractual holdout, in training camp.

ESPN's "Outside the Lines" did a feature story on the Poston brothers, Kevin and Carl, one of whom represents Woodson. Both agents are notorious tough negociators with the ability to generate top dollar for their clients.

Here are Woodson's comments:

"This team doesn't want you. This team doesn't like Kevin and Carl and any player that goes with Kevin and Carl they won't even deal with them."

"I think some agents are in cahoots with the team. Again, there's probably some kind of kickback somewhere down the line."

On the perception of the Postons

"I love it. I don't know what your perception is, you know what I'm saying. All you can do is tell me no. if I ask for 27 million (dollars) and you give it to me, I look like a genius."

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