Judge rules in favor of co-founder's family

According to an Associated Press report, a judge ruled Wednesday that the family of an Oakland Raiders co-founder remains limited partners in the football franchise, bolstering the family's status in its legal fight with owner Al Davis.

In a lawsuit filed last year, the family of E.J. McGah claimed that Davis denied them access to team financial records, mismanaged team finances and compromised the family's 30 percent ownership stake in the Raiders, a portion worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Davis claimed that family members were not entitled access to the records because they lost their limited partner status after McGah died in 2002. On Wednesday, Alameda County Judge James Richman upheld the McGah family's status and rights as limited partners, which ensures access to the team's financial records.

Wexler said the family is seeking unspecified damages, as well as dissolution of the partnership with Davis, whom McGah made a general partner with the Raiders in 1966.

The allegations of financial mismanagement were thrown out earlier this year when a judge ruled that the plaintiffs didn't have a legal standing to file those charges.

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