Robbins estranged wife speaks with ESPN

While former Oakland Raiders center Barret Robbins continues to be hospitalized, his estranged wife Marisa Robbins did not utter words of optimism regarding Barret's chances of survival.

Marisa Robbins spoke with ESPN's Andrea Kremer in an interview that will air as the network's featured Sunday Conversation Sunday. The interview aired in part Wednesday on SportsCenter as well as ESPNnews.

Barret Robbins was severely injured in a struggle with a Miami detective who was investigating a burglary. Robbins, who suffers from bipolar disorder and alcoholism, has since been charged with three counts of attempted murder as a result of his altercation with a police officer. Robbins' scheduled arraignment is Feb. 9. That's if his condition does not worsen. Robbins was shot several times during the altercation.

Meanwhile, according to Marisa Robbins, "He was strapped across his chest. Both of his legs are in runners to keep him immobile, so he doesn't do anymore damage to his spine. Tubes, ventilator. Standing there looking at him it doesn't look like he's going to live. He looks that bad."

Marisa Robbins added that she was not shocked that such an incident occurred. The couple has been separated for several months. When asked why she was not surprised, she said, "Just because of the pattern that I've seen with him and the behavior that I've seen maybe within the past six months. I've dreading it and dreading getting a phone call where something drastic like that happens."

Marisa Robbins continued, "Based on what I know of Barret and based on experiencing manic episodes with him, the super bowl for instance, and being there and seeing what you believe. In Miami, I believe that he probably thought he was either going to his home. I don't think he even knew where he was. He probably believed that he was in his hotel room or in his home and he probably believed that someone was intruding on him. He probably thought that someone was encroaching on his home. He didn't go rob someone or hurt someone or vandalize.

Robbins' most headlined troubles began on the eve of Super Bowl XXXVII when he was suspended by then Raider head coach Bill Callahan after missing team meetings. Robbins reportedly later acknowledged that he stopped taking his medication for his bipolar disorder condition. Robbins was also arrested last month for hitting a security guard at a nightclub.

Oakland released Robbins in July after failing his physical coupled with the fact that he tested positive for steroids.

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