Russell out of jail, will plead not guilty

Darrell Russell posted bond and was free from jail late Thursday night after an Alameda County Judge refused to lower the $1.2 million bail placed on the Raiders defensive tackle, charged with allegedly taking part in the rape of a 27-year-old Northern California woman last week.

Russell, who appeared before a judge last week wearing a jail-issued uniform, was in street clothes as he strolled out of Santa Rita jail in Dublin where he had been since being arrested along with two other men for the alleged Jan. 31 attack. All three men face a slew of charges, including sexual assault and rape. Russell refused to comment on the charges as he walked out of jail. ''Just do me a favor,'' Russell told a television reporter. ''As much effort as you guys are putting in trashing my name, I want you to put the same effort in clearing my name.'' Asked if that meant he was innocent of the charges Russell replied, ''You heard what I said. That's enough.'' Earlier, Russell and his attorney Anthony Gibbs had asked Alameda County Judge Jeffrey Allen to lower the $1.2 million bail. Allen refused Russel's request, though that didn't stop the 26-year old from posting bond late Thursday. Russell is expected to enter his plea at a March 4 hearing. Gibbs said his client intends to plead innocent to the charges. In court Thursday Gibbs said Russell did not have sex with the alleged victim and instead was the person who videotaped the incident. Police reportedly discovered the video during the search of the home of Russell's teammate, Eric Johnson, where the attack allegedly occured.

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