Williams awarded $340,000

According to an Associated Press report, former Oakland Raiders linebacker Bill Romanowski was ordered by a jury former teammate Marcus Williams $340,000 in damages on Tuesday.

That settlement came as a result of Romanoski smashing the Williams' face with a punch during a practice drill in 2003.

That amount much less than what Williams was seeking for an altercation that took place at a Raiders practice on Aug. 24, 2003. Williams, who was seeking upwards of one million dollars, added that Romanowski's blow to the face broke his left eye socket, shortened his memory, gave him double vision and depression, and ended his career after less than two seasons.

The AP also reported that Williams received $40,000 in medical expenses and $300,000 for lost wages, which amounts to about one season's salary.

The AP added that during the trial, Williams testified that after he blocked Romanowski during a running drill, Romanowski grabbed his helmet and then ripped it off before delivering the punch to Williams' face.

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