Robbins arrested on marijuana possession charge

The downward spiral of former Oakland Raiders center Barret Robbins continues. According to an Associated Press report, police arrested Robbins, who is awaiting trial on attempted murder, on a marijuana possession charge in San Antonio Saturday night.

AP also reported that Robbins was detained Saturday night after a bike patrol officer noticed the smell of marijuana coming from his car, Officer Joe Rios said. Rios added that, "We had probable cause and the officer saw a marijuana pipe in plain view on the center console. He gave no resistance and was very passive, but officers were aware of his violent past."

In January, Robbins was shot twice in the chest after allegedly fighting with Miami police who were making a burglary call. Robbins, found hiding in a women's restroom, was accused of beating one police officer to the floor, slamming another into a wall and ramming a third officer's head into a wall.

He has pleaded innocent to three counts of attempted felony murder and other charges. No trial date has been set.

Robbins, who has bipolar disorder, was released from a Florida hospital in April after posting a $51,000 bond. The arrangement sending him to a Houston hospital near his father's house for physical rehabilitation and bipolar treatment was approved by the judge handling the case.

Robbins was placed in the Bexar County Jail on an $800 bond Sunday. Robbins' much publicized problems began when he disappeared before the Super Bowl in San Diego in early 2003, then showed up the night before the game in an incoherent state and was deactivated for the game.

After spending a month in an alcohol rehabilitation center, Robbins lost weight and regained his spot in the Raiders' starting lineup the following year.

Oakland, however, released him last summer after he tested positive for steroids. Before the Miami Beach fight, he was arrested for allegedly hitting a security guard in San Francisco.

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