Jackson pays a visit to the Bills

Free agent defensive tackle Grady Jackson said he remains hopeful he and the Raiders can work out a deal but that isn't stopping Jackson from continuing his tour of prospective employers around the rest of the NFL. On Wednesday Jackson stopped by Buffalo and toured the Bills' facilities, one of three visits he is slated to make.

Jackson, who is also scheduled to visit the New York Jets and Denver Broncos, has been shopping himself on the free agent market ever since the 2001 season ended. Though some teams have been leary of the shoulder problems that plagued him the last two years, Jackson nevertheless remains a highly touted player who was the centerpiece of the Raiders defensive line last year. ''It's all wide open right now,'' said Jackson. ''It will probably be resolved before I expect it to. I just want to get somewhere and get working and try to bring a championship to the town.'' Jackson has already made stops in Kansas City and Green Bay. The Chiefs appeared to be the most interested of the two teams but Jackson's visit to Buffalo opened the door for the Bills. John Guy, who was an assistant for the Raiders and now works in a similar capacity in Buffalo. ''In talking with him I believe I could play here,'' Jackson said. ''It's nice to have someone here I already know. It's someone that I could trust. I've talked with him a whole lot. Also, he knows a lot about be and I know a lot about him as well.'' Jackson has not ruled out a return to the Raiders, who seem to be playing the waiting game with their prized defensive tackle. In a pre-emptive strike Oakland signed defensive lineman John Parrella away from the San Diego Chargers, but the team is still hoping to get a deal done with Jackson. ''They have been talking with my agent about it and it is still a possibility,'' said Jackson. ''I know they want to work something out so we'll just want and see. I feel like I know everyone who was there when Jon Gruden came in and that's a plus. The staff is still the same so that would help out in not having to learn a whole new system.''

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