Norv Turner Press Conference: 9-25-05

On the loss: "So many games in this league come down to these situations. We talk about it all of the time. In the third quarter, if you're struggling and you're not getting done what you need to get done, I don't think you blink. You don't back away because if you keep playing, keep fighting, you can make something happen. Obviously that's what our football team did today.

Defensively, we did a lot of good things throughout the game while we were struggling on offense. Offensively, we had a tough time after the first drive getting much going. They're an outstanding defense. Our guys continued to fight and compete. We made a big play on a fourth down and we were able to go tie the game. But as we all know, it's a four quarter game."

On why there are extended periods in the game offensively when Randy Moss does not get the ball:

"It's certainly not by design. Sometimes it is because of what the defense is doing, and sometimes we struggled there and wanted to come out and see if we could get some runs going. We ended up not taking advantage of a couple of situations, and that's the way it comes up sometimes."

On Raider defensive penalties that kept Eagle drives alive:

"I think there were penalties on both sides of the ball. That's part of the deal. If you're playing pass coverage, there are some jams, there are bangs. We're trying to eliminate them, and I think we've done better over the last couple of weeks. We just have to keep working at it."

On why Doug Gabriel returned kicks when he stated during the week that he would not be part of the Raider return game:

"It wasn't so much in terms of him not being on the return team. We obviously have Chris Carr who has done a good job on returns and he was the guy who was there. If both guys were back, depending on the kick, Doug could have ended up with the ball."

On whether throwing to tight end Courtney Anderson was part of the offensive game plan going into the game:

"We would like to keep everyone a part of the game plan. You've got five guys who can go out for passes and we'd like to include everybody. [Philadelphia] is a big blitz team and there are times when you can't get your tight end out because he has to end up in protection. When he got out, we felt there were plays that he could make. On the first play [a long pass] we thought he could get that. It looked good all week in practice down in the boundary and he made a nice catch on it."

On whether he is worried about kicker Sebastian Janikowski:

"He's kicked so well through practice and everything we've done. He kicked as good as I've ever seen him kick in pre-game. He kicked them medium, short and long. He was outstanding. Obviously we'd like him to make those kicks, but I have a lot of confidence in him."

On whether he felt his team would have the edge in a close game down the stretch due to the injury suffered by Eagle kicker David Akers:

"When you tie the game up and their field goal kicker is struggling, obviously we felt that if we could get a stop, it would be to our advantage."

On why the Raiders have not been able to get the ball to Randy Moss more often in the red zone:

"It's a combination of things. We want to get the ball to him. He's getting an awful lot of double coverage. The first time when we got down in [the red zone] when we threw the swing pass to Lamont [Jordan], Randy was doubled. He's getting a lot of coverage, but we have to keep looking to find ways to get it to him."

On whether the Raiders did not have an answer defensively for the Eagles' Brian Westbrook:

"The one thing that you know he is going to do is make plays. He makes plays against everybody. You try to contain him. There were some times that we did a good job on him, but there were some times that he got loose."

On the injury suffered by Charles Woodson:

"Charles got…again you get into the technical terms. Charles got dinged. He got knocked out, or he got dinged. I don't know if he was completely knocked out. He felt fine once he came out. He went back in and he was all over the field today."

On what he tells his team after starting the season 0-3:

"Everyone wants to get into those conversations, but the biggest thing for our team is to keep competing and fighting the way we have. We've played three outstanding football teams. [Philadelphia] is a good football team and you play them on the road. We're going to look at this and coach off it. We're going to look at the good things we did and at the areas where we need to get better. What we need to do obviously is to go win a football game. We've got good players and our guys are competing at a high level. Like I said, as this game went on, it would have been easy to think defensively we're not going to get a first down and win this thing. Offensively, we were struggling and it would have been easy to say we're not going to get anything going. Obviously our guys competed throughout the entire game and gave us a chance to win."

On the play of quarterback Kerry Collins:

"Kerry put together two great drives in the fourth quarter. We miss the field goal on one, and we go and get the touchdown on the other. He's a heck of competitor. He obviously got hot there, and we did a good job with protection. We handled some of the things that were giving us problems early, and it allowed us to have a chance." 

On whether he worries about team morale after three consecutive losses:

"We have a lot of young players that are getting better each week. If you're in your first, second, third year, and you're playing a lot of snaps, and you're getting better, you have a feeling and you know that there are good things that are going to happen. The best part about our team is that we have a lot of veteran guys who know how to compete and who know that it is a 16 game season. There's a lot of football, and they know how to get ready each week. That's what they've done to this point."

On whether he was concerned that the Raiders did not build more than a seven-point lead early in the game after a slow start by the Eagles:

"No I wasn't, because the game is such a long game. No [team] has driven the ball on [Philadelphia] extraordinarily and no one has got a lot of points on them early on. Atlanta got 14 in the entire game, and this game kind of started the way that their game with Atlanta started. You just have to get what you can when you can. Obviously with the field goals, we're having some tough luck. The first one hit the upright, which is as close as you can get to putting it in. That would have been a 10 point lead, and that was trying to take advantage of the field position."

On whether running back Lamont Jordan was running in the correct lanes or freelancing:

"That was tough going out there today. They hit us with some blitzes right, and we had some breakdowns. I thought Lamont ran hard."

On whether Randy Moss asked out of the game during Oakland's last offensive series:

"He didn't ask out. We sent a receiver in for him on a couple of plays. He made that play on fourth down, and it was as good of a play as you'll ever see. He competed and ran deep the next play, and we felt that if we could get him out for a play or two, it would help him during the rest of the drive."

On whether it was frustrating to not get the last stop defensively due to the long distance Philadelphia had to drive because of the injury to kicker David Akers:

"It's frustrating no matter how far they have to go. We were doing everything we could and we had a mix of things that we did. Obviously we played some tight man because they almost hit two deep balls on us in that drive. It was very competitive. You're not going to sit there and play all man and say that we're not going to give them the short play. We had a mix in there in terms of trying to keep things changed up. Obviously in those situations late in the game it's hard to get pass rush. A couple of times we got some good pass rush, and there were some times when he had some opportunities to hang onto the ball a long time. "

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