Kerry Collins Presser and Locker Room Quotes

On scoring a touchdown in the 4th quarter and then losing the game:"Well, I'm sure it was a hell of a game to watch. Obviously, we scored the touchdown to tie it up, and you have to give them credit. They took the ball down the field. They did what they had to do to get the points. It's frustrating. These guys played their hearts out today, and I'm proud of our guys. The bottom line to this whole thing is wins and losses, and they made more plays than we did. That's what it came down to."

On why WR Randy Moss was not involved all that much in the second half until the fourth quarter:

"They were rolling coverage a lot his way. They were covering him a lot of times with the safety over the top. They took him away. There were a lot of things that we were doing. We started getting something things that we could hit him with, some things over the middle, and some things that weren't going right into their coverage. He stepped up in the fourth quarter. I know its frustrating for him, but he really stepped up. The guy kept his cool, and he started making plays when we needed him."

On whether Randy Moss is his favorite go to receiver compared to those in the past:

"I think we are well ahead of where we were last year if anything. Throughout the course of a year you build your identity, and you have to make adjustments throughout games and seasons. It's just a matter of making adjustments. The guy made some huge plays in the fourth quarter, and it's not like we were playing against a bad defense. They did things to try to take him away, and like I said, when we needed him we found the plays for him. And he made the plays, and I was able to find him. So, he still had some big catches. I don't know how many yards he had, but he still had a pretty big impact on the game."

On whether he thinks his pass protection has improved:

"That was the best job of protecting I think of any game I've been with since I've been here. They're a good pass rushing team. They blitz and do all that kind of stuff. And, we did some things to handle the blitz, and I think we did very well. But, when it came down to our five guys blocking their four guys, we did a heck of a job."

On bouncing back after falling 0-3 for this season:

"Well, what are you going to do? We showed a lot of heart today. We showed a lot of character today, and that's obviously a positive side. That has to be the base line of what you are doing. We're 0-3. We lost one today that we though we should of won. No if's, and's, or but's about it. If you're going to have games like that, it's how you respond to it. I don't think guys are going to go and tank. I think we have enough players on the team that we're not going to let that happen. Like I said, we came to play today, and we made a lot of plays. Maybe we made enough plays to win the game, or maybe we didn't. Obviously, we didn't. I'm encouraged by what I saw today. You have to have that, especially in times like this when you start off like we have."

On how he feels about having a good chance to get ahead 14-0 in the beginning of the game, but did not:

"Well we had some tough field positions. We had a bunch of three and outs. Obviously, it was a rough stretch from basically the second drive of the game throughout the rest of the first half until we got the field goal. We would have loved to have gone 14-0. I can't remember exactly what happened at every point of the game. We were there in the fourth quarter, and that's what you play for. We obviously would like to score on every drive. There are going to be times when, for what every reason we don't, you have to manage it, not turn the ball over, and give yourself a chance in the fourth quarter. And we did that. So, that's positive, and obviously it's hard to feel good about it when you lose the game."

On whether he is getting used to how teams defend Randy Moss:

"They did more today than probably the first two teams did to take him away. They rolled coverage to him a lot. It seemed like they rarely had him singled up. We had a couple opportunities that we didn't take, and we didn't make. But, like I said, in the fourth quarter we started doing some different things to get the ball to him. We got a conventional design up and throw it to him. Their plan was to take him away, and for three quarters they did. But like I said, the guy stepped up in the fourth quarter and made some plays."

On what the Eagles did in the red zone to take Randy Moss away:

"Once again, they gave him a lot of attention. We don't expect him to be singled up, man-to-man, down there. If we see that we're going to take advantage of it. We called the plays and the look wasn't there. Give credit to them. They did a great job of taking him away. They accounted for him, but we started loosening up a little bit and got him the ball at the end of the game."

On whether the lobs to RB LaMont Jordan were designed that way:

"Yeah, well they blitzed it. They basically had man-to-man with no free safety. We always talk about if we get that then we want to throw those kinds of routes. The guy fell off of LaMont, and then he came back in and made the play. I had to get rid of the ball from their blitzing, our protection, and what not. I had to get rid of the ball, and that was the best place to go with the ball."

On whether he has found a medium with Randy Moss:

"Yeah. I may look at the film, and see a couple more opportunities. Today was going to be tough, because like I said, they were going to be rolling to him a lot. They were doing different things. I'll throw it to him if he's covered, but I'm not going to throw it to him if he's got a guy ten yards behind him. That's were the fine line is. But trust me, throughout the game I'm looking for those opportunities to get the match ups where I can give him a chance. We're always talking about it, and always looking for it. Today was kind of the medium stuff. We took a couple shots with him. In the fourth quarter we were able to get him in that second area after ten yards where we could make some plays."

On whether TE Courtney Anderson had a big game because of Randy Moss:

"A lot of it. It was a big day for him. I'm proud of him. I think he saw today what kind of game he can have, and what kind of impact he can have. He's a big guy. He can run. He just needs to keep getting that confidence. I think today will help him a lot. A couple plays where Randy was running on the outside going deep, and Courtney was in the middle. Obviously, I'll be able to look at the safety and Randy, and then be able to give it to Courtney for big plays."

Oakland Raiders Locker Room

                        September 25, 2005

Offensive Players

T Barry Sims

On the ways they have lost the last couple of weeks:

"Football is a complex game and lately there have been no simple answers to anything. If everyone could figure this out we would all be undefeated. It was a tough fight today and we just came up a little short. I am not pointing fingers at anyone out there. We all have to look at ourselves and step up a little more because we are not getting in done. We need to step up a lot more when we play Dallas next week."

On the play of the Eagles linebackers against their run:

"The Eagles linebackers played really well today and they were not afraid to come up on us and throw themselves around. The linebackers played really well and my hats go off to them because they are a good core of players. They came up and plugged the holes and really sealed all our lanes. It seemed like we were not able to give our running backs enough holes to be able to run thru."

WR Jerry Porter

On how to recover with a 0-3 record:

"We have to get up and be ready to play against Dallas next week. Just like we had to this week against Philly we have to ready to play. It is very very frustrating. We just have to get a game plan together and go out and try and beat Dallas."

On the disappointment of not getting a win against an injured QB and kicker:

"We did not let excuses stop us just like they did not let it bother them. Those guys get a check to come out and play and they did that, they played."

On how you move on after a loss like this

"You just go out and do it. We could ask for a week off but I bet the league will not give it to us. You go out there and just do it."

On losing to the Eagles the way they did with an injured kicker:

"It sucks. I will tell you that. We are at home next week and we have to forget about this and get our first win next week. The wins are going to come in bunches but first we have to go out there and get our first one. We will be fine because this is just the first quarter of the season and we have fallen just a little short. I remember one year the Raiders teams started off 8-2 and missed the playoffs. We will be fine."

T Robert Gallery

On the personal foul for face masking called on him:

"A foul is a foul and the penalty in the game obviously hurt us. That stuff happens out there in a game and you are not doing in on purpose. It is part of the game. It happens and I am disappointed that I got nailed with the penalty at a crucial time in the game. The

Defensive end came in with his head down and these things happen."

On losing to a good quality Eagles team:

"The Eagles no doubt are a quality team. We did not do all we had to do to get the win but we did some good things near the end of the game. We came out of this game knowing that we played well but we have to get a full positive game together and get the victory."

On what the coaches said after the game:

"The coaches said that we needed to make sure we put a full game together out there to get a win. We need to cut out the penalties out there and make sure that we play for four quarters."

On if the penalties are hurting the offense:

"Obviously the penalties are hurting us out there. The penalties are never going to help a team win games. We have had too many in the last couple of weeks and we have to find a way to get rid of them. Getting close in this league to a win does not mean anything in this league. You have to play disciplined and win. The penalties have been hurting us all year and we have to cut them out."

On the disappointment of losing two close games:

"We have to go out there with pride. It is too early in the year to go out there and just shut it down. We have to show the character we have on this team and we do have a lot of character on this team. We have to go out and play four quarters. Once you get winning it just seems to start rolling."


Oakland Defense

September 25, 2005

LB Danny Clark

On RB Brian Westbrook:

"What we saw from Brian Westbrook wasn't anything new. I think we prepared for him well we just didn't get it done. A lot of times when he was split-out, or he was in the backfield, there were a couple times when I personally should have made [a play] against him. He definitely made some plays against us."

On being 0-3, and losing tough games:

"It's going to be tough. This is our livelihood and we wake up every morning to compete against the other teams in this league and it's going to be tough. But trusting in the character of the guys on this team, we understand that we have to get it done, at any measure, at any cost everybody has to come together and practice harder and perform better. I think it's a lot of plays we need to make on that football field and I think as a whole team, we just didn't make as many plays as we needed to make."

S Stuart Schweigert

On Brian Westbrook:

"We knew that if he went out of the backfield that they were going to get him the ball…even in the backfield we knew that he was their most valuable player. Even with McNabb and Owens out there we knew that he was the guy that we had to stop. In that last drive we knew that they were going to get him the ball, but it was a deal where we just had to tackle him, and we couldn't come up with the tackles."

On K David Akers:

"For him to come back I give him a lot of credit. For him to come back out there and kick those field goals…if he wasn't to come back, we would have won that game hands down. I mean they would have to score [touchdowns] on both of those [possessions] where as they kicked field goals. So for him to come back and kick it…I mean it's a chip shot for him. It was up to the defense to get him out of range or at least get it to a 30-40 yard field goal, and we couldn't get him to that."

DE Derrick Burgess

On today's game:

"We have to find ways to turn things around. It's always time to do it. This is football…all we can do is go out, practice, and get better, and move on to the next game. It was hard, because we didn't get a couple things done on defense to stop them…the ball didn't go our way, and they won the game. He [McNabb] pulled a superman, and stayed out there, and did what he does usually."

DT Warren Sapp

On RB Brian Westbrook and WR Terrell Owens:

"I don't think we put an emphasis on either one, but basically Westbrook creates match-up problems coming out of the backfield. You have to account for him and I think we did a good job of accounting for him; he just got us one time. The man makes plays…he's special. We have to find a way to stop that…that's big! That was a 90-yard drive!"

On QB Donovan McNabb:

"[He was hurt] all game long, but hey he's a warrior, he's going to get in there, do what he needs to do and he made the throws when he had to make them."

On today's game:

"[Laughs] I always said I'll take the ugly wins over the Picasso loss any day of the week. I mean you just look at it and find a way to go on…go watch the film, and see if we can get a little better, because they are within our grasp. If we were getting out worked or just wasn't good enough to get it done, that would be the discouraging part, but that's not the case with this ball club. We just are having lapses at the crucial times in ball game…we are leaving points out there and that's big."

CB Charles Woodson

On today's game:

"That's all it is…a couple plays here and there where we are breaking down…those are the mental errors. It's definitely not a lack of effort. Those are just plays we have to make."

On RB Brian Westbrook:

"He ran an out [route], I went for the interception and he ran an out an up and that's basically what it was. He is one of those guys, they split him out wide as a receiver…he runs the screens, he's hard to locate sometimes behind those big linemen and aside from that he's just a hell of a player. He knows how to make plays once he gets the ball in his hand."

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