Moss mute about NFL Substance Abuse Program

Is Raiders wide receiver Randy Moss trying to fight the NFL about being re-entered into the league's substance abuse policy program? If he is, Moss isn't saying. Neither is his agent or the NFL, leaving the entire issue up in the air.

A published report earlier this week indicated that the seven-time Pro Bowler was awaiting word from the NFL's medical director of substance abuse to hear whether or not he would be put back in the league's drug program.

According to the report, first released on FoxSports on Sunday morning and later again on, Moss sent an attorney to meet with league officials to discuss the case which centers around comments made by Moss on HBO in August in which he admitted to smoking marijuana ''every blue moon.''

The report said that Moss was called in for testing after the HBO interview became public. Moss, the report continued, refused to be tested and instead sent attorney David Cornwall to New York to lobby the case on his behalf.

But as is the case with all issues relating to the NFL's substance abuse policy, no one is willing to talk about it on the record. Moss, as he has most of the year, declined to speak with reporters Wednesday. The NFL, as a policy, does not comment on players in its drug program or test results.

Attempts to reach Moss' agent, Dante DiTrapano, were unsuccessful as well.

The Raiders, through a team spokesman, issued a brief statement denouncing the story about Moss: ''This whole subject is confidential. These are rumors put out by sources who want to hurt the Raiders. It's no coincidence that these rumors came out the morning prior to our game.''

While it could turn out to be much ado about nothing, it is worth watching for a number of reasons. If Moss is put back into the substance abuse program, it would be his second go-round. He was first in the it four years ago and was subject to being tested up to 10 times a month but made it through with a clean slate and was removed from program.

Moss is currently Oakland's second-leading receiver with 19 receptions while his 466 receiving yards are second-most among all NFL players.

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