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The Raiders aren't prepared to make a prognosis, but from the sound of it, the injury that knocked WR Randy Moss out of Sunday's 27-14 loss to the San Diego Chargers could be a lingering one.

A day after the game, coach Norv Turner only went so far as to confirm the same diagnosis he made in the moments immediately following the game.

"Randy has bruised ribs, very sore ribs," he said. "He has a groin strain and the MRI showed a bone bruise in the pelvic area. He's very sore today. We'll see how quickly the soreness leaves. He's be listed (on the injury report) on Wednesday."

Tests revealed there were no tears involved. Moss will remain in Oakland with the club while he rehabilitates.

"The thing right now is he will lay down and get off his feet and rest," Turner said.

The coach added that to his knowledge this was not a reoccurrence of an earlier injury. Moss was sidelined a year ago with a hamstring problem.

"This is different," Turner said. "The way he got kneed and then the way the two defenders there landed on him."

Turner would not speculate either pro or con on whether Moss might be held out this week or could play.

"I wouldn't even start to talk about it until late in the week," Turner said. "We'll see where he's at."

Asked if he was declining to give a status report on Moss, Turner said "Wednesday is the day that the status is listed. I'm not declining."

Moss was injured while going up for a pass between two San Diego defenders. He was knocked into the air and came down awkwardly on his hip. He attempted to come back a series later, but only lasted two snaps before retiring for the day.


--LaMont Jordan isn't asking for the moon for himself, but he thinks the solution to the Raiders' problems lies in trusting the running game, being patient and sticking with it.

"Put the offense on my shoulders and let's go from there," Jordan said a day after rushing 12 times for 36 yards in a 27-14 loss to San Diego.

"I have said it before, 23 to 26 carries and I've gotten the job done. And if you look at our record, 1-4, (in) our one victory (he had) 26 (carries), 126 (yards).

"To win games in the NFL you have to run the ball. I can't think of one team that's won that didn't have a run game. You look at one of the more boring Super Bowl games in history, which I think is the Ravens and Giants, and they were able to run the ball. Look at Tampa Bay, when they won, they were able to run the ball."

--Jerrod Cooper put a lick on San Diego punt returner Eric Parker Sunday that was one of the few highlights for Oakland on an otherwise dreary day.

Cooper, a special teams standout in Carolina before joining the Raiders, said the hit may have looked good and may have gotten a few cheers during film study, but that otherwise it was forgotten.

"I don't even remember because we lost," he said. "No one even cares if you lose."

Cooper's hit came just as Parker touched Shane Lechler's 55-yard punt. A fraction of a second sooner and it would have been a penalty for interfering with the returner.

"I don't ever worry about that," Cooper said. "I don't play and worry. I hit and ask questions later. If I get a fine, I get a fine. That's just how it goes. People that play too cautious nowadays aren't playing football. Stuff is going to happen."


--For the second straight game, QB Kerry Collins did not throw a touchdown pass.

--C Jake Grove (knee) ran Monday and is expected to rejoin practice Wednesday. If he can play against Buffalo, he will have only missed a game and a half after suffering cartilage damage and undergoing arthroscopic surgery.

--LB DeLawrence Grant sprained an ankle in Sunday's game and will be scrutinized closely this week to determine his playing status.

--WR Alvis Whitted caught four passes, the most he has ever caught in a game for the Raiders.

--WR Randal Williams' first two catches of his Raiders career were good for 21 and 18 yards, but he saw limited action after cramping up during the game.



PASSING OFFENSE: D -- Disregard the 292 yards passing. This was far and away Oakland's worst air show of the year. Kerry Collins only threw one interception, but if the Chargers defense had better hands, there would have been three more. The line gave up four sacks. Doug Gabriel produced five catches after Randy Moss left with an injury, but Moss was missed. Raiders receivers dropped four passes. No passing touchdowns. A bad game.

RUSHING OFFENSE: D -- Long gain of the day was 7 yards by LaMont Jordan, who finished with 36 yards on 12 carries. Jordan's six receptions for 58 yards were essentially running plays, but the sad truth is that the running game was just plain impotent. The only reason it's not an F is because Jordan did score two rushing touchdowns.

PASS DEFENSE: D plus -- Danny Clark and Renaldo Hill got beat for touchdown passes. Against Oakland, Drew Brees continues to rack up 100-point performances on the NFL pass rating scale (111.2 this time). Chargers halfback LaDainian Tomlinson even threw for a score. Increased blitzing produced no sacks, but Derrick Burgess did have two while playing left end so he could get a match-up against a sub. That gives him five for the year -- one more than last year's high mark of four.

RUSH DEFENSE: D -- LaDainian Tomlinson doesn't need the Raiders help him get to the Hall of Fame, but it couldn't hurt. In the first half, he killed the Raiders purportedly improved run defense, scoring three touchdowns and rushing for 97 yards. The Raiders shut him down in the second half with 12 carries for 43 yards, but the damage was already done.

SPECIAL TEAMS: B plus -- Shane Lechler dropped three punts inside the 20 and averaged 47 yards. Jerrod Cooper nearly tore Eric Parker's head off on a punt return San Diego recovered anyway. The Raiders were never close enough to try a field goal. Coverage on the opening kickoff, which came back 60 yards, broke down.

COACHING: D -- It couldn't have been very inspiring for the Raiders to watch while their coach decided matters were so impossible he didn't use all his timeouts before halftime to make one last stab at some kind of score. Not a great message. Players insisted they were to blame for this one, not the coaches. Whatever. In fact, nothing worked. Anywhere.

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