Playoffs? The Math doesn't add up.

The mathematics just don't add up for the Raiders this year. To get into the playoffs, Oakland almost certainly has to run the table in its final seven games, a monumental task for a team that has won just three games this season and only eight overall since 2003.

Sunday's 31-17 loss to Denver, coming on the heels of the last-second heartbreak defeat in Kansas City, pinned the Raiders postseason hopes on a dramatic turnaround the team has given no indication it's capable of making.

A full four games behind the Broncos in the AFC West, Oakland is also facing the prospect of going winless in its division for the first time since it played in the AFL in 1962. The Raiders are 0-4 this season, having been swept by Kansas City, and have only road games in San Diego and Denver remaining.

As if that isn't daunting enough, the team's already long injury list stood a chance of expanding Monday when a long list of players lined up for precautionary MRI tests. That list included center/longsnapper Adam Treu, left guard Brad Badger and middle linebacker Danny Clark.

None of the injuries was thought to be serious, though no final results were known.

Meanwhile, Turner -- whose job security will undoubtedly become a prime topic in the coming weeks if the Raiders continue to lose -- tried to keep his team focused despite the very real possibility of being eliminated from the playoffs even before Thanksgiving.

''There's no question we're looking at the overall picture and what we need to do and how we need to do it,'' Turner said Monday, ''but when you're in a position we're in, the whole key is you can lose focus on the game at hand if you start thinking of all those things. Particularly as young as we are and the number of young players that we have that are not only playing but playing major, major roles on our football team ... the emphasis for them has to be, 'I'm going to go out and I'm going to cover this guy this week. This is my guy, this is my week, this is what I have to do.' The things you do on Wednesdays have to carry over into Sunday.''

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