Turner Fired - Updated 1/3/06 at 8:03 PM

Norv Turner went to work Tuesday expecting to conduct the annual season-end review of his players and coaches. Instead, Turner received a pink slip from Raiders owner Al Davis who fired the Oakland head coach after just two seasons.

''It was a good conversation,'' Turner said. ''Ultimately we weren't going in the direction he wanted us to be going.''

Davis and Turner took turns speaking with reporters on conference calls Tuesday afternoon. Neither badmouthed the other and each man seemed to agree that a change was necessary for a that had won just nine games in two seasons and hasn't reached the playoffs since 2002.

''You have to have a direction, you have to have a vision and I just don't think it was there,'' Davis said. ''The facts are the facts. The resume is out there. We didn't score enough points with the firepower we have and it's something we have to improve on.''

The change comes just three days after Oakland's 30-21 loss to the New York Giants in the regular-season finale. It was the Raiders sixth straight defeat and left the team with a 4-12 record. Oakland won just one game since Halloween and was 1-7 over the second half of the season.

Turner had overwhelming support from his players throughout the season but coached an offense that failed to produce big numbers despite big offseason acquisitions such as wide receiver Randy Moss and running back LaMont Jordan. The Raiders scored just 51 points in their final five games and were held to 20 points or less in 11 of the 16 games.

''The one that hurt the most was in Kansas City,'' Davis said. ''We had the game, there were some 35 seconds to go and we thought we had tackled (Chiefs quarterback Trent Green) and they called us for tripping, which was unbelievable. We still had a chance to win that game but we had a mistake, an error, whatever you want to call it, where Larry Johnson took a short pass and ran it down to the one. That broke our back a little bit.

''What we had done at the time we hired Norv was we felt he fit the bill at that particular time. It's not my intention to denigrate what he did ... the big thing is we didn't win. You have to win and you have to win with a vision for the Super Bowl. That's our passion here.''

Davis was asked several times about potential replacements for Turner but said the process is in its infancy stages. He did not rule out either former Raider coach Art Shell -- currently an executive in the NFL offices -- or former Rams head coach Mike Martz. Nor did Davis rule out bringing in a defensive-minded coach, something he's avoided in the past.

''For me, it's to go with my gut instinct and not necessarily what's expected from (the media),'' Davis said. "Right now in this portion of my life I have to go with my own instinct on what will fit in this organization .... someone who will get it done and get it done quickly.

''I'd like my next head coach to be winning-oriented. I want the right guy.''

Turner said he has already spoken with some teams about potential jobs but said he was disappointed that he will no longer be in Oakland.

''I would never use the term relief because I wanted to be here,'' Turner said. ''You take a job with the idea of doing a good job, getting the job done and being successful. Relief isn't the word I'd use.

''I'm certainly not going to rush into anything. This is an emotional time. There's so many things to consider but I am a football coach. This year there are a lot of jobs open. If the right job presents itself ... certainly I want to continue coaching.

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