Former, current Raiders excited about Shell

Art Shell - his name is linked closely to the winning traditiion of the Oakland Raiders. After suffering through turmoil in the Turner years, the Silver and Black are looking to get back to the top of the AFC. And everyone who has been associated with Oakland is excited about the return of Shell.

"With Art, [Al Davis] knows Art, he remembers when we drafted him, he remembers him as a player, an assistant coach and as a head coach. When Art walks in here, he knows what it is, he doesn't have to learn. All the nuances, he'll learn, the players, he'll learn - the coaches and the football. Having been here, the two of them, that's I think this will work."—JOHN MADDEN

"I am very excited—this stands for tradition, history and is what the Raiders are all about. This exemplifies our Commitment to Excellence. History will show that this is the correct move and the right move and we will be back where we are supposed to be."—GENE UPSHAW

"Art is a true Raider. He is a proven talent in terms of his coaching ability and I'm glad he has accepted this challenge. I can speak for his former teammates as well as Raider fans, that we will give him 100 percent support. He is the right guy for the job and personally I am very excited to see him have the opportunity once again."—RAYMOND CHESTER

"I thought he did a fine job the first time around. He's someone everyone respects and he commands respect. I was happily surprised of his understanding of the quarterback position and the role the quarterback plays on a team. I'm looking forward to his second time around. He's a guy who does his homework and gets his team ready to play. He has a thorough understanding of the elements of a football game."—JIM PLUNKETT

"It is fantastic that Art Shell got the head coaching job. It is going to be difficult I think, but he is going to be really good. Art has the personality that everybody is going to pick on. He is a man, that people are going to listen to and he is going to demand his players listen to him. His assistant coaches are going to work with him because he is a prominent player, a Hall of Famer; he was a great offensive lineman."—JIM OTTO

"I think it's fantastic, congratulations to Art. He has an opportunity to come back and contribute to the history of the Raiders. He's always been a quiet leader. This is a great moment in Raiders history. We need to win."—MORRIS BRADSHAW

"I think it's a great thing for the Raiders because Art is a Raider and he knows what it means to be an Oakland Raider. You have to put the swagger back in Oakland and make people think about playing the Raiders in Oakland. You look at art, he was a great player and has great ethic."—JACK TATUM

"Art returning is a breath of light. We definitely need the toughness restored and the meaning of playing Raider football. He's a guy that understands this organization. He grew up in this organization and he's had a chance to go out and venture and see all the other things happening. He understands the Raider philosophy because he grew up in it."—GEORGE ATKINSON

"I'm excited about having a coach. I'm even more excited about having a former Raiders player as coach. He has been in that locker room, played for that owner and knows what it's like to be in Silver and Black."—DANNY CLARK

"It's going to be great playing for a Hall of Famer and a Raider Legend. It's an honor especially for an offensive lineman like me."—LANGSTON WALKER

"I think it's great. He brings instant credibility in the locker room and guys will listen to him because he's a Hall of Famer. I can remember watching those Raider teams when he was the coach and I'm excited to get back to that style of football."—KIRK MORRISON

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