Friday NFL Combine LIVE Feed - Updated 11:05

Indianapolis-- Directly from the NFL combine, live feeds from NFL Draft prospects on all the news from Indianapolis. The quarterbacks are talking, including Jay Cutler, a player that Oakland has interviewed with in the past. Updated 11:05 PM

More updated bench press results..

Offensive Tackles

Isaac Sowells/Indiana:  20

Charles Spencer/Pittsburgh: 30

Zach Strief/Northwestern: 19

Tony Tella/Miami-Fl: 24

Jeremy Trueblood/Boston College: 20

Running Backs

Brian Calhoun/Wisconsin: 18

Maurice Drew/UCLA: 18

Andre Hall/South Florida: 18

Quinton Gather/Utah: 29

Gilbert Harris/Arizona: 20

Jerome Harrison/Washington State: 19

Cedric Humes/Virginia Tech: 18

Wali Lundy/Virginia: 18

Lawrence Vickers/Colorado: 21

Dontrell Moore/New Mexico: 18

Mike Hass/WR/Oregon State

- Measured in at 6-0 _/208 pounds

- Described himself as a good route runner and a reliable target.

- When asked what pro receiver he would remind people of when they saw him play, Hass picked veteran NFL WR Ricky Proehl, saying he has admired the length of his career and how he plays.

- He said he is comfortable both in the slot and as a wideout.

- He has talked to a lot of teams, but isn't sensing that one is more interested than another.

Jay Cutler/QB/Vanderbilt

- Measured in a 6-3 and 226 pounds.

- He's a bit disappointed that the other top quarterbacks aren't working out. When asked if he was concerned that he could hurt his stock by performing here, he said no, and added with a smile, "It's just throwing."

- Thinks based on what he's hearing, the NFL is looking for more pocket passers than mobile quarterbacks.

- Will be in New York on Draft Day if invited.

- Said he's been working on his footwork. Also said he doesn't really like the "gunslinger" label because he thinks the chances he does take aren't reckless.

Matt Leinart/QB/USC

- Doing medicals and interviews only here. No workouts at all. Feels he has showcased his talent over the past three years and doesn't think Sunday would show what he can do like his Pro Day will with his own receivers.

- Said he has fielded some questions about being born cross-eyed, and the surgery to correct it as a child.

- Said he's been a winner his whole career, referred to himself as a "Tom Brady type" of quarterback.

- Says Carson Palmer has been tremendous offering him advice about this whole process and chatted with both Peyton and Eli Manning at the Senior Bowl.

DeAngelo Williams/RB/Memphis

- Measured in at 5'9/214. What's interesting is he measured a half inch taller since the Senior Bowl.

- He said one of his favorite players growing up was Ricky Williams.

- He said hte hardest thing at the combine so far is that he had to get up at 5:30 am this morning to get his medical tests done. During the medical evaluation, Williams said he was asked about an old high school injury (stress fracture-foot). Tests taken here were negative.

- He said he won't run here but will at his pro day. He will lift here.

Leon Washington/RB/Florida State

- Measured in at 5-7 7/8 and 201 pounds.

- He said his goal was to reach 5-8.

- Hopes guys like Emmitt Smith and Barry Sanders help alleviate teams' fears about short running backs.

- He's training in New Jersey

- Went to former NFL S LeRoy Butler's camp when Washington was growing up.

- He has scored five different ways in college, starting with a fumble recovery in the end zone his freshman year.

- He said teams are talking to him about being a kick returner and third-down back, although he'd like to be a full-time back.

- Has talked with New England, Green Bay, Atlanta, Tampa Bay, and Denver, among others. - He said will do a full workout.

Jerious Norwood/RB/Mississippi State

- He measured in at 5-11, 210 pounds.

- He hunts and fishes, with turkey hunting being his favorite.

- He learned about the quicker pace of coaching and practices at the Senior Bowl.

- Scouts told him he improved his draft stock at the Senior Bowl.

- He said his pass protection needs work.

- He has talked with many teams, including the Vikings and Patriots.

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