NFL Prospect Interview: Jay Cutler

The Oakland Raiders have been scouting a number of quarterbacks since the off-season began and Jay Cutler represents the best quarterback expected to be on the board when the Silver and Black pick seventh overall in the 2006 NFL Draft.

Jay, what did you do to get ready for the combine?

Jay Cutler: I was down in Orlando before the Senior Bowl getting ready with Tom Shaw and some guys and after the Senior Bowl went back to Nashville and trained with our strength staff.

Why are you working out at the combine when other quarterbacks aren't?

Jay Cutler: I wanted to do everything going into it. I asked a lot of questions at the Senior Bowl as to what the scouts thought, what the coaches thought, and everyone said you can't really hurt yourself, go out there and throw and do the best you can. So I am going to go out there and compete. I wish everyone was competing with me, but that's how it goes.

Does that show your competitive nature?

Jay Cutler: Yeah. You come here to show what you have. All the coaches are here, all the GMs, everyone is here.

How do you explain your meteoric rise up the draft boards?

Jay Cutler: We got some wins, I think that started it all. We won some fourth quarter games. I think people wanted to see if I could lead a team to victory. Once that started, the ball started rolling and it just kind of picked up pace throughout the year. I went to the Senior Bowl and did well and hopefully on Sunday I will perform well again.

Do you think the NFL prefers mobile quarterbacks or pocket guys?

Jay Cutler: I think they want pocket guys that can move a little bit. I don't think they are really looking for guys that can get out of the pocket quickly and run around. I mean you are not going to make a living running around in the NFL. There have been some quarterbacks in the past that have tried to do it, and you are only going to get yourself hurt. Being able to escape from the pocket and get rid of the ball quickly, I think that is one of the things they are looking for though.

What was your style in college?

Jay Cutler: A little bit of both. I ran some option the first two years and these last few years we passed a lot more. I was escaping some pressure and getting yards. It was a mixture.

Do you plan on being in New York draft day?

Jay Cutler: If I get invited.

What did the win over Tennessee do for you stock and open some eyes?

Jay Cutler: I think I opened some eyes before that. I think that really made everyone see what I could do on the field. For me personally, it gave me a lot of confidence ending the season.

Have you heard all the talk that the Raiders like you?

Jay Cutler: I haven't talked to them. People are talking about (everybody), so you never know exactly where you're going to go.

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