Raiders release Kerry Collins - Updated

Updated: The Oakland Raiders have released quarterback Kerry Collins to get themselves under the $94.5 million cap set by the league. Oakland has continued to talk to the Collins camp while the CBA talks continue.

The salary-cap strapped Raiders did not have many options in getting below the league-mandated 94.5 million dollar cap.

Collins due to his large cap number (approximately 13-million dollars) was an easy target, and gives the team $9.2 million in cap space.

Collins had a 7-21 record with the Raiders over his two-year tenure with the team.

He completed 302 passes for 3,759 yards with 20 touchdowns and 12 interceptions last year.

With the league extending the deadline to gain cap compliance, the Raiders continue to discuss a deal with Collins. There may be a deal to make that would net them significant savings while keeping Collins in tow. They could then pull back the release of Collins prior to the deadline for compliance - which has been delayed until Wednesday at midnight.

Still possessing a big-arm, Collins is a vertical game type quarterback and has shown the tendency to be prone to turnovers. While his decision making process has improved, he still locks on receivers far too often. He will receive some serious interest in free agency, as he remains a viable starting quarterback option.

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