Raiders after Harrington?

It seems strange. After signing Aaron Brooks to a two-year deal the Oakland Raiders are looking quarterback again. But with one and perhaps two other AFC West teams in the hunt it may be that they are upping the price or in a real war.

Its been an incredibly slow off-season for a team that usually comes in with one big signing when everyone has written them off.

The most recent name on the Raiders' list is current Detroit Lions quarterback Joey Harrington. Harrington isn't a free agent, but Oakland has been in touch with the Lions about a potential trade package that would bring Harrington to the Raiders.

But as soon as it was announced that the Lions no longer had plans for their former starting quarterback, the Chiefs immediately surfaced as the front-runner.

The feeling is definitely mutual. has learned that the Chiefs are in fact the team that Joey Harrington would prefer to join. However, in preliminary contract talks with Harrington's agent David Dunn, which have already commenced, it appears the Chiefs initial financial offers have been less than satisfying to the Harrington camp.

Though Kansas City is his first choice; as many as seven teams are now trying to lure Joey Harrington onto their prospective rosters. At this stage of the off-season, there are no starting jobs available, or so we believe.

Harrington is going to start visiting teams beginning this wednesday, but the Raiders have yet to take that step.

Harrington's next team could be a shock to Chiefs fans, according to sources close to his camp. The San Diego Chargers are apparently also in the mix, looking for another body to back up incumbent starter Phillip Rivers and join Jay Feeley on the sidelines.

For the Chargers, the interest makes little sense, unless they simply want to keep him out of Oakland or Kansas City.

Harrington is a better insurance policy than Feeley. On the flip side, it could be a blow to his confidence if the team brings in a player of Harrington's stature to the team.

The Raiders did just sign Brooks, but it was only a two year deal-not exactly a huge vote of confidence. Still, it would be foolish for them to add another starting-caliber quarterback, especially when they have holes to fill elsewhere.

Other teams that we've been able to confirm that have shown an interest in Harrington include the Miami Dolphins, the Washington Redskins and the Tennessee Titans.

At this point, anything is possible and certainly everything is up in the air. The Chiefs offer up the most interesting opportunity, convincing Joey Harrington that he will be their future at the quarterback position when Trent Green finally hangs up his cleats.

The 2006 draft class is very light on strong quarterback prospects. Only three sure-fire quarterbacks are available in the first round: USC's Matt Leinart, Vanerbilt's Jay Cutler and Texas Longhorn Vince Young. One or two figure to be around when the Raiders pick but pressing needs elsewhere dictate that they should go in another direction. Perhaps trading for Harrington will ensure they select a defender.

The Raiders don't have a very good history of drafting and developing quarterbacks, anyway, so it would be easy to see why they have such a keen interest in Harrington.

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