Exclusive: Michael Huff audio and visit

Michael Huff skipped the Senior Bowl in early January at a time when teams wondered how refined his skills at cornerback would be but that decision proved to be wise as he has set himself up as a top ten pick in the NFL Draft. And the Oakland Raiders have been keeping close tabs on the talented prospect as they finalize their draft board - they will bring him in for a visit on Wednesday. Complete with an exclusive audio interview!

"I felt after the positional drills at the Combine, teams would be able to tell if I could play corner or not," Huff said.

The Texas defensive back played free safety, strong safety and cornerback during his stint with the Longhorns. While the majority of his time was spent at safety, he did spend a year at corner, practicing against wide receiver Roy Williams, a first round pick of the Detroit Lions in 2004.

While he admits he has the skills to play cornerback, Michael Huff also believes he is part of the new brand of safety prospects that has revolutionized the position in recent years.

"Troy Palumalu, Ed Reed, Brian Dawkins, they're just kind of changing the whole safety position," he said. "They're kind of making it more valuable, so hopefully I'm the next in line to carry on that tradition."

A Thorpe Award winner as a senior, Huff grew up idolizing Charles Woodson, a player who also secured the award during his collegiate career.

The NFL Draft is ten days away and Huff has seen his interest climb. Many of the top teams have invited him in for a personal visit or workout, including the Atlanta Falcons, Buffalo Bills, St. Louis Rams, Detroit Lions, and obviously the Raiders to name a few.

Oakland is another team that remains interested at pick number seven and they see him as a player who can change the face of their ailing secondary. A visit is setup for Wednesday and his skills would be a valuable asset to a defense that needs all the aid it can get.

We caught up with Huff to discuss his versatility, what part of the NFL Combines he considered important, playing man coverage and more.

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