Huff no stranger to talent

Oakland Raiders' first round pick Michael Huff's talents are obvious. And it helped that he faced some tough competition along the way.

Who was the best receiver you ever faced?

Michael Huff: Mark Clayton (Oklahoma/Ravens) my junior year.

How?'d you do against him?

Michael Huff: I held him to 3-for-19, so I guess I had a pretty good day.

Why do you remember those numbers?

Michael Huff: When you cover the best, you want to keep the stats to know how you did against them.

But don't you have to have a short memory as a defensive back?

Michael Huff: I think it goes both ways. If you get beat, it?s always going to be there, but you got to try to put it in the back of tour mind. But it?s always going to be there. Did working against Roy Williams (Lions) in practice make you a better player?

Michael Huff: I hope so. Going against probably one of the best receivers in the nation, and seeing the success he?s having in the NFL, kind of makes me feel better about myself.

How competitive were those practices?

Michael Huff: Everyday was intense. Everyday he brought his A game, so I knew everyday I had to bring my A game. So it just made me a better person on and off the field.

You moved around in Texas? defense. What percentage did you play on the line like a corner?

Michael Huff: It kind of depends. I was deep free safety, or I was strong safety in the box, or covering the slot, or outside covering. I don't really have any percentages, I was all over the place.

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