Davis to Porter: See Ya!

Al Davis acknowledged Tuesday that he has given Jerry Porter permission to seek a trade, saying the Raiders wide receiver had "lost his way."

Sitting alone and speaking publicly for the first time since hiring Art Shell as head coach more than four months ago, Davis touched on a variety of subjects, including the impending Hall of Fame induction of former Raiders coach John Madden and the prospective new NFL commissioner.

But Davis saved his most important comments, as they relate to the current Oakland team, for Porter and the potential problems that might arise from the situation between the three parties -- Porter, Shell and, in essence, Davis.

''He knows, his agent has known this for a long while, that if someone offers us the choice we want or a representative player and the $4 million signing bonus he took from us this year, we'll respond,'' Davis said. ''They've got to get it done. The agent has known this since the draft and before the draft, he knew what he had to do. He couldn't get it done.

''But that is not to say things don't work out.''

Ironically, or fittingly, Porter did not practice following Davis' appearance with the media. He did work out in the morning session, but was nowhere to be seen in the afternoon. Porter has been nursing a calf injury since the first day of practice on July 25.

Porter, who has missed parts or all of four days of practice while nursing a calf injury, and Shell have not spoken since an initial meeting in March. The simmering feud took on a greater significance when Porter took his feelings to the media, specifically targeting his unhappiness with the direction of the team and a desire to be traded.

In February 2005, Porter signed a three-year extension worth $15 million. He led the team with 76 receptions last season but was just sixth on the team in yards-per-catch. Porter has been in Shell's doghouse since March then added fuel to the fire when he took his view on the situation public.

Either as a result of his injury or his comments, Porter found himself relegated to working out with Oakland's second-team offense this week.

Davis, who has had to deal with his fair share of disgruntled players, did not seem concerned that Porter's presence on the team during the regular season would cause any problems despite his rift with Shell. The Raiders owner also said he had no plans to interfere in the situation.

''If you think the locker room is that important, I don't,'' Davis said. ''But we're talking about one guy. And I don't think he'll make any impression whatsoever. He's a good guy, but he just lost his way a little bit. But he is a good guy.

''Number one, I don't think it can become a bigger issue. Number two, no, I would not step in at this time. I would not think of it. Art is strong enough, he is big enough to handle it. And they have an opportunity to handle it themselves. I am talking about Jerry. He has an opportunity to handle it if he qualifies with what we set as the parameters for him to leave.''

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