Jordan wants to see a "disciplined team"

LaMont Jordan knows the Raiders' offense is struggling to move the ball but Oakland's top running back says the problems are deeper than just at quarterback. There's the offensive line, the backfield and that age old sticky point -- penalties.

''I hate to go back to last year, and I know people hate talking about the past but that's what we did last year,'' Jordan said of the yellow flags. ''We did it last year and we hurt ourselves. Third down, you get an offsides penalty (and) give a team a first down, that gives them momentum. You can't do that. We have to get away from the penalties and we have to be a much more disciplined team. Pretty much the same things have been preached but what we have to do as players is actually go out there and get the job done.''

The Raiders were hit with just five penalties in their preseason-opening win over Philadelphia in the Hall of Fame game but had nine against Minnesota on Monday. Three of the penalties were for offsides; two others were for false starts and two more were for delay of game.

''Those are things that we have to concentrate on and talk to them about how it hurts your team in critical situations,'' Oakland coach Art Shell said. ''Each individual has to take it upon themselves to concentrate and focus on what has to be done, which is to watch the ball when it's snapped.''

The Raiders were hit with 147 penalties in 2005 and have led the NFL in penalties each of the last three seasons. Since 2000, Oakland has averaged 128 penalties per season, astonishing considering the team has gone through several coaching changes and multiple roster makeovers.

Shell, the Hall of Fame offensive lineman, has made correcting the penalties a point of emphasis in training camp as he tries to do something that neither Jon Gruden, Bill Callahan nor Norv Turner could do -- get the problem fixed.

Jordan, who joined the Raiders as a free agent from the Jets last year, insists Oakland is working feverishly to do just that.

''Right now I know what the guys are going through,'' Jordan said. ''They're trying to learn the system and learn a bunch of new things. I know how it is. I know when I first came I was making mistakes. They were asking me to do things I hadn't done before. So I completely understand. But what we have to do is, if we make a mistake make it full speed.''

Porter avoids reporters: Wide receiver Jerry Porter, who took his feud with head coach Art Shell public during the first week of training camp, has decided to keep his lips sealed concerning the media.

''I'm not talking to you guys ever again,'' Porter said as he brushed past reporters on Thursday.

Porter has been seeking a trade ever since March but has been unable to find a team willing to meet the Raiders' asking price. According to a source close to the team, Porter and his agent, Joel Segal, have presented the team several options for possible trades but that Oakland has turned down each one.

Porter has not played in either of the Raiders first two preseason games and has been nursing a calf injury for most of training camp. When he has practiced, the veteran wide receiver -- who led Oakland with 76 receptions in 2005 -- has been limited to practicing with the second-team offense.

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