Curry the favor

Don't look for flattery here. Ronald Curry isn't using his namesake to whisper sweet nothings into his quarterback's or the team's ear. The name of his game is making plays for the Oakland Raiders. That is how he plans to draw favor, especially after missing nearly all of 2005.

Ronald Curry flashed on the scene with 50 receptions during the 2004 season after netting just five the year before. He suffered a torn left Achilles in week 13 of that season and ended up on injured reserve.

He made the long comeback but re-tore the Achilles, an injury sustained against the Kansas City Chiefs in week two of the 2005 season. He left the game in the fourth quarter after making a cut on one of his routes. Two games - zero catches - and another long rehab process.

He was back on the field on Tuesday and out to prove that he has regained his form, understands the playbook and is ready to contribute.

It is clear, however, that he harbors some resentment towards his inability to show the team he is healthy and what he may perceive as the Raiders holding him back:

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