Hulsey has a tough job ahead

There is nothing as critical as the center-quarterback exchange. Ask last Miami how important it is. Now, Oakland Raiders center Corey Hulsey steps into the role in place of Jake Grove and must contend with Chargers defensive tackle Jamal Williams, one of the top nose tackles in the game.

With the Chargers employing a 3-4 defense, Hulsey will benefit with the held he receives from his guards. At the same time, he will be asked to slide off blocking assignments to take on linebackers coming up to stuff the gut.

With the Chargers front seven amongst the best in football, Hulsey will have his work cut out.

He hasn't started a game since 2001 - a tenuous prospect given the fact that San Diego led the team in rush defense a year ago and head coach Art Shell has made it his mandate to pound the ground.

On Wednesday, Hulsey talked about his upcoming assignment:

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