Moss says things are "fishy" in Oakland

Randy Moss broke his silence and spoke on a nationally syndicated talk show, saying, among other things, that things are ''fishy'' within the Raiders organization.

Moss, who has not spoken to the media since Aug. 14, went on the Chris Meyers show on FoxSports Radio early Friday and touched on various subjects, including the situation of wide receiver Jerry Porter, the Raiders' recent trade of Doug Gabriel to New England and the approach of head coach Art Shell. None of it sounded very optimistic.

''I'm just not thrilled with the way things are going on around here,'' Moss said. ''It's fishy around here, man, so actually we're walking on eggshells around here.

''It's crazy around here, man. It's something that we're trying to hold onto and hopefully coach Art can move us in the right direction, man. So I'm just trying to stay away from all of that stuff this year, like I did last year, and hopefully we can win some games.''

Moss never did get specific about what has him feeling the way he is but he did have plenty to say about other subjects.

Concerning Porter, who has been at odds with Shell since an offseason confrontation in Shell's office, Moss said he's trying to stay out of the fray.

''There's a lot of funny things going on around here in this organization and I try to keep my distance,'' Moss said.

''Whatever's going on between Jerry Porter and the Raiders organization is between them and I do not want to get into it because I know what can happen if I put a little bit of my input into it. I'll just let them deal with it and deal with the 11 guys that go out and play on that field on Monday night.''

When asked about his confidence in quarterback Aaron Brooks, Moss didn't address his teammate specifically and instead went back into talking about the Raiders organization.

''Like I told you, man, things are so fishy ... the only thing I can do is go out here and practice. I don't think we're where we want to be right now so hopefully we can go out there, put our offense on the field and hopefully win the game.''

As for Shell and the way the new coach has handled things, Moss had this to say:

''I think he's just trying to bring his own philosophy in and that's one thing, if he's the head coach, he runs the show. So whatever he brings is what he brings. But hopefully he's bringing some victories, whatever he has.

''I think that we sort of have a grasp of where we need to go. I don't think we're there yet, as far as the whole team, in getting there, because we haven't started Week 1 yet. But as far as our team chemistry, and the way guys are going out there practicing day in and day out, it's a good thing to see that we're there for one another, but as far as the physical side of the ball, man, we're tired, hanging our tongues on this ground. Hopefully all this hard work will pay off.''

Asked about Moss' comments after practice Friday, Shell said he hadn't seen the interview but added he had no problem with the player speaking out.

''One thing about this organization, everybody has a chance and opportunity to speak their mind, every individual, every player,'' Shell said. ''So what he's talking about, I have no idea.

''It's not necessarily that you agree with everything they say, but if you've got something to see and feel you need to say it, you can go ahead and say it. As long as it's not really something that's derogatory to the organization or to football itself, period. You can't go crazy with it, but you're allowed to speak your mind. You're allowed to be a man.''

Shell also said he had no intentions of speaking to Moss about his comments.

''If it's something I think I need to address, I'll address it, but most things I don't have to address,'' Shell said. ''(The media) tried to get me and Randy to knock heads during preseason, talking about he's throwing his helmet and upset because I took him out of the game. That's a normal thing, that's a natural thing. He wants to compete. I understand that.''

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