Jordan ready for a fight

"What we showed out there last week was nothing 'Silver and Black.' There was nothing Raiders out of it," Oakland running back LaMont Jordan said.

On rebounding from the season opener:

"When you play as bad as we did offensively, you can't do anything but move forward. I know playing against the Ravens, we can't play the way we did against the Chargers because those guys will come out there and punish you if you do that."

On the Ravens defense:

"Being from the area, from the time the Ravens came there, there is one thing you know about the Ravens and that is defense. Especially this week, (it is) the home opener for those guys. Ray (Lewis) was hurt last year. I know those guys didn't have the season that they wanted to. I think the word that stands out for me when I talk about or think about the Ravens is physical. They are going to come out and they are going to hit you and they are going to hit you for 60 minutes. I like to call them sharks, and if you know anything about sharks, they can smell blood a mile away. If the Ravens sense any type of softness, those guys are going to take advantage of you and they are going to beat you up."

On the team's psyche after Monday night's game:

"We need to (do better). We lost to a division opponent in the Chargers. The last thing you need to do is to lose to another AFC opponent. When you get down to the end of the year, these are going to be the games that count. (When) you get to Week 15 or 16 you'll have teams battling for that Wild Card spot, and these are wins that you have to make sure that you pick up."

On the Raiders offensive line:

"I am hoping that we will all rebound well. (When) you look at the film there was really nothing special they were doing; it was just the things that we weren't doing - technique. We weren't playing physical. We didn't play physical up front. We had the opportunity to shift guys on the way out, (but) we weren't playing physical. That game was what it was, but I am looking forward to coming back this weekend, heading to Baltimore and playing the Ravens."

On coming back to play in Baltimore:

"None of that really matters. Once the opening kickoff comes, the Ravens could care less whether or not I am from that area. I am a guy who is going to be running the ball and they are coming to knock my head off just like I was a guy who wasn't from the area. So, none of that really matters."

On the Jerry Porter controversy:

"I didn't hear anything about it. Right now I am preparing myself for war; and that's what it is going to be. Any time you play the Ravens, you have to prepare yourself for war. That's the kind of respect those guys have from me. Anything that is going on outside, anything that happens on the sidelines this past game, I am really not concerned about it. Right now my focus is on the Baltimore Ravens."

On the challenge of a short week and a cross-country trip:

"You could use that as an excuse. If you look at the Ravens' defense, they (sometimes) run a 3-4, which is something that San Diego did, so (there are) a lot of things that we will be able to carry over from this past week. You fly out on Friday; you fly in an extra day earlier. We've done it before; it is no big deal. The bottom line is that we have a football game to play and, hopefully, we can get to the bye week 1-1.

On head coach Art Shell preparing the team for this week:

"I think he does a lot to get his players back on track. (If you) look at the film, guys were just getting beat one-on-one on one particular play, (and) teams are just going to be defensive against you. San Diego came in here and they had a party in our stadium. What we can't allow is for us to fly to Baltimore as invited guests and then get kicked right out (of) the house the way San Diego came in here and dominated ours."

On the Raiders' tough image:

"We need to bring that (image) back. What we showed out there last week was nothing 'Silver and Black.' There was nothing Raiders out of it. I remember when I was with New York and we came and played the Ravens, there was one thing you knew (and that) was that they were going to be physical, both offense and defense. Offensively, this past week, we didn't show that we are a physical football team. We can talk about how we want to get back to the Raider tradition - this, that and the third - but really talk means absolutely nothing. We as players have to go out there and if the Ravens have this mindset, this tradition of being physical, we need to put our uniforms on and got out there and do that. It remains to be seen. I just know that if you are going to beat the Ravens you have to match their intensity and you have to be ready to fight a total round fight."

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