Shell looks for answers

"Not a whole lot to say," head coach Art Shell began. "We came in hoping to play better. We had opportunities but we didn't take advantage. Defense played their tales off until the end, when they finally broke through for a long run. As I told our team, our heads might be bloody, but they're not bowed."

"We're trying to build a team and it's going to take every man in that locker room to make that work as a team. While one group is playing well, others have to pick it up and they have to continue to play well until we catch up."

On QB Aaron Brooks and QB Andrew Walter:

"He had a sprained rotator cuff, which he hurt diving for the second center-snap fumble. He did some decent things and not so decent, under the circumstances. He had a chance to make some throws and he missed it. Under the circumstances, he came in and did okay."

On protection issues:

"We tried to pinpoint the problems last week and came into this game with some things to help with the protection scheme. We were okay with the schemes, but you have to make them work and we didn't. We came out with some other schemes and tried some things such as 3-step, 5-step drops, 2 tight ends and tried to move the quarterback around. But execution is the bottom line."

On if QB Andrew Walter will become the starter:

"Aaron (Brooks) is still our guy until he can't go, and Andrew will get the opportunity to get the job back."

On good things to take away from the game:

"Our defense and special teams, with the exception of one return, is playing well enough for us to win games. They shortened up the field and held them to field goals early on. But we need to get production from our offense."

On WR Jerry Porter helping the protection:

"It's not the receivers. It's giving the quarterback enough time to thrown the ball. We have receivers that can catch the ball, but we're not giving our quarterback enough time to throw it."

On if he is frustrated with the 0-2 start:

"I'm very frustrated but not to the point where I've given up on this team or the direction that we're headed."

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