Ravens react to 28-6 win over Raiders

BALTIMORE -- Questions and answers with the Baltimore Ravens following a 28-6 win over the Oakland Raiders:

KELLY GREGG (On defense after two weeks) "We left a lot of plays out there on the field that we could have made. It's always great to come home and get a win in front of our fans. Hopefully we'll go next week too and get a win for our home fans."

(On if Oakland needs to make adjustments) "They did a good job. We just made plays. We left a lot out there that we could still make and each week we're going to try to get better." (On Oakland's trouble snapping the ball) "We always try to get turnovers. If we get our turnovers, we know offense can get in and put points on the board." (On turnovers) "If you can get turnovers, you're usually going to win."

(On the last time Gregg ran that far) "Probably in some of the workouts, but I never had the ball, I never had guys chasing me." (On if he's disappointed that the Ravens didn't get the shutout) "Most importantly is the win. They still didn't cross the goal line and we still got to go out there and try to improve." (On if he or Haloti Ngata is faster) "I think I am. I was trying to squeeze by, but I got knocked out of bounds. Hopefully, next week I'll get a lot of room." (On him and Ngata trying to score a touchdown) "We'll pitch it earlier. Give it to Ed (Reed) or AD (Thomas) or Ray (Lewis) or those guys, they can punch it in. We definitely can't. We're 0-2."

(On if turnovers are contagious) "If you can get out there and keep it flowing, because last year we had some trouble getting turnovers, this year they come in bunches. We have to keep working on it and hopefully next week we'll get seven."

ADALIUS THOMAS (On the game) "We can be pretty good. I pride myself on turnovers and being physical. I think we did that today." (On Oakland's fumbles) "We'll take that every time, if you're going to fumble the snap, even if you recover it, that's a loss of yardage on the play." (On the Raiders' offense) "We knew that they couldn't just run the ball in the play action. We know that if you're going to come out and throw the ball you're chances of winning are slim."

(On if he's satisfied with the win) "Always. They moved the ball pretty good during the second half. We'll go back and watch the film and see what we did and make our corrections. We're satisfied today because we won, not because of our performance." (On if Baltimore's defense surprised or outplayed Oakland) "I think it was a combination of both. They started max-protecting, keeping both tight ends in, both backs, and it just really got? It was two-man routes. You had to keep holding the balls though, and it was really a lot of pressure because everybody had two men."

(On if the Raiders were frustrated) "It's kind of hard to say. Any time you go in and out and things like that of course you get frustrated." (On if this was a typical Ravens football game) "I think that's been our winning style for the longest time. Going out there and setting the tone on defense. I think our defense is still that way because we accept that responsibility" (On Kelly Gregg's fumble recovery) "We got some extra parachutes for the off season." (On him losing his voice) "You're always yelling on defense because the crowd is so loud. So after the game my voice is shot."

(On not allowing a touchdown in two games) "If you don't score, most of the time you're not going to win. I think that's how it goes. If you can hold someone to single digits in the NFL, you should win that game." (On being 2-0) "It means we can shoot for 3-0. It gives us a chance to go out and win a game on the road at Cleveland. We'll enjoy this game until tomorrow and then go back to the drawing board." (On Rex Ryan coaching against his brother) "He didn't really say much about it because we weren't really going against his brother. We were going against the offense." (On the Raiders having to take a lot of timeouts) "I just want to congratulate our fans because they did a great job. He was trying to check and they couldn't hear. I think it was the contribution of both our defense and the fans making a lot of noise."

(On the safety) "Trevor (Pryce) beat his man inside and so when he did that I was thinking I was covering for him. So I just came around and he had to step up and I got him." (On the safety not being a touchdown) "It still gave us points. And it gives our offense the ball back, and that's always a good thing." (On quarterback sacks) "It just goes to show you, I think Terrell (Suggs) had 2, Bart (Scott) had 1, and Trevor (Pryce) had 1 so everybody gets their chance. It just shows that the DBs did a good job of covering."

TODD HEAP (On his TD) "It was definitely good to get in the end zone, but better to get the win. I think, overall, our defense played unbelievable and we had a lot of positives but there were also some things that we could correct, and it's good that we were able to look at it and correct those things and still get the win." (On the offense) "There's always good things you can take from a win. You can always go back and look at the film, see what we need to improve on, see where our mistakes are and definitely any time you get a win, it puts a good taste in your mouth. We're definitely excited about that, excited that we get to come back and play another game next week and get better."

(On being 2-0) "It's been awhile since we've been 2-0 around here, but it feels great. It's always good to get off to a great start in a long NFL season. I think we're all pretty excited, but we're not satisfied."

BART SCOTT (On the defense) "We're just trying to be able to be versatile and not let teams just beat on one guy. I think we have great chemistry, and we're taking the next step, and we practice that way. Every guy on that defense is talented and capable of making a play. It's just a credit to our defensive coordinator and our coaching staff and coaching everybody up and not just coaching certain players."

(On the defense pushing each other) "A lot is put on the linebackers, and we want to be the heart of this defense. We want to be the heart of this defense. We like to set the tempo because we're involved directly in both run and pass more than any other group, so we like to make our presence felt. (Raiders RB) LaMont Jordan got a couple of positive yards, but we'll clean that up. We left a lot of plays out there; we'll try and step it up next week."

TERRELL SUGGS (On the defense's consistency) "I said at the beginning of the week that I think our main thing we've got to work on is consistency. We were somewhat consistent today. We didn't give up any touchdowns, but we gave up a couple of scores, and we really thought we could have had the goose egg. We've just got to correct our mistakes tomorrow and line up again on Sunday." (On Oakland's problems) "I think they just mishandled the snap, that's all it is. But if it [happens] there's something wrong, there's something you've got to correct. They're having some trouble early, but I think once they finally get it going, they'll be [fine]."

(On the offense helping with scoring) "As long as we're scoring, we know as a defense we're alright because we know we're a great defense and it's going to be hard to score on us. So as long as our offense is putting up points, we knew we [were] alright."

STEVE McNair (On the offense's performance) "We took a step back from last week. We [weren't] as focused as we should have been. We miscued on some plays that we shouldn't have, but that's part of this business. When the offense is not clicking, the other two phases of it picked us up and the defense played excellent. With the turnovers they got?put us in position to score points. We [were] in the red zone and kind of sputtered. I'm just happy for the win. We've got a lot to correct by watching the film tomorrow."

(On what the offense needs to do) "Overall, offensively, we've just got to continue to move the ball. We just can't put a lot of pressure on our defense. That's not our goal. Our goal is just to move the ball and score six points. Offensively, we've got a lot of work to do. We've got a lot of improvement [to make]. Like I said, we took a step back from last week." (On why the offense struggled) "There's no special reason. Everybody goes out there and tries to be perfect. Nobody goes out there and tries to make mistakes. We've just got to correct the mistakes we made and not make them again."

(On being 2-0) "It's great to be 2-0. The way the offense played and the defense stepped up, this is a great team. We've just got to put it all together on all three phases. Today was just two phases and one didn't live up to par, and that was the offensive side of the ball. It's still early. We're not pushing the panic button right now. We've got a lot of work to do. We did some good things but overall, I think we have a lot of improvement to make, too."

RAY LEWIS (On Steve McNair coming out for the pre-game introduction) "He's our quarterback of the team. So when he came out, I was screaming louder than anybody else because that's what we're built on. We're building off our offense right now, and our defense is just going to keep [making plays]."

JAMAL LEWIS (On the game) "We're 2-0 right now and it's great so we're trying to put things together and win a third one." (On the Raiders Defense) "I think they came in ready to stop the run, they know we've got a great group of guys that can run the football. I was trying to get some good runs in there and stay with it." (On Ravens Defense) "With those turnovers that was huge, just like I said we have to maximize those turnovers that they make for us. We went in and got field goals which are points but we're going to have go in and get touchdowns. Its something we have to build on and work on in practice."

(On being 2-0) "That's all that matters, we have to look for the breaks in the game. We were throwing the ball pretty good and running the ball pretty good. Our offense is balanced and I think that's key and the way the defense is playing that's big and we have something to build on." (On the Ravens running game) "Yeah we're starting to feel it, we had some good runs, it just showed at the end of the game what we can really do. I pounded it all day and then Musa (Smith) came in the fourth quarter and they took me out and then Mike (Anderson) backed him up. We got each others back and that's big."

DERRICK MASON (On grading the offense) "An F, besides Mike Anderson's long run and what Jamal Lewis did, man it's hard to give a passing grade. Especially when the defense played the way they played. We played real bad, the score is 28-6 but that score doesn't really indicate how we played."

(On what didn't click offensively) "We had maybe one drive but we made plays but other than that we really didn't muster anything. It's great that you have a win but teams like that are going to catch up to you. Our defense played tremendously but as an offense we have to get that mentality that defense is going to save us out of our heads. If we're going to be considered a top rated offense we're going to have to carry our own weight. We haven't really carried our own weight as an offense and that's something we're all going to have to do, everyone, myself included. Hopefully we can go down to Cleveland next week and get this offense going. If not, the way our defense is playing, hopefully they can score some points, they can be our offense."

(On the Raiders defense) "We didn't take advantage of every opportunity that they gave us."

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