No quit in this Raiders team

Randy Moss' comments on a national sports radio show that he wouldn't mind being traded didn't catch his teammates by surprise nor did it leave them upset with the Raiders wide receiver. Instead, it sounds like it was just another case of Randy being Randy.

''He has his views (and) I have to go out and do my job,'' Oakland quarterback Andrew Walter said Wednesday. ''Really, it just comes down to the game of football is about individual battles, working together with the team. So what I have to do isn't affected by what anybody says, outside or inside the program.

''Randy is certainly entitled to his beliefs. Coach (Art Shell) has addressed that, that we need to just continue to focus and to continue to work. It's about what we do out here on the football field. What things are said shouldn't affect the rest of the guys.''

Moss has not spoken to the media covering the Raiders this season, instead carefully picking and choosing his forums and taking them to the national stage.

Just days before Oakland's regular season-opener, Moss went on Fox Sports Radio and said that the Raiders players were ''walking on eggshells'' and that things were ''fishy'' within the organization.

This past Tuesday Moss was at it again, saying he wouldn't mind it if the Raiders decided to trade him. He also said that the situation is Oakland isn't getting any better.

''I don't really know what the feeling is,'' Moss said. ''But I know the feeling is bad so that's saying no one cares about what's going on around here. I've said a few things. I've done most of the things I can do. My thing is, if it's going to be relaxed, if I'm relaxed, then I guess that's what it is.''

Moss wasn't in the Raiders' locker room to address his comments Wednesday but some felt it was an implication that Shell had lost control of his players and that the team had become divided.

Former Raider wide receiver Tim Brown played into that when he commented recently that Oakland has no leaders on its roster.

Safety Jarrod Cooper denied that and said it just comes with the territory for a team that has yet to win a game this season.

''When your cards are down, everybody has something to say about everything,'' Cooper said. ''Whatever. No one's worried about that. With all due respect to every player that's been in the league and has played on every team and that's doing their own thing now, they know just as well as anybody else, if they were in this locker room and somebody else said something about them, that's just part of the whole outside world. You don't even acknowledge it.

''It's part of being 0-3. You let stuff like that creep in here, then all hell breaks loose. It's all good, though. There's no kind of controversy between anybody, everybody is ready to go to practice today, ain't nobody quitting on anything. Everything's good in here.''

NOTES: Cornerback Fabian Washington (hamstring) has been ruled out for Sunday's game in San Francisco and will join quarterback Aaron Brooks on the sidelines. Fullback Zack Crockett (knee), tackle Robert Gallery (shoulder), defensive end Lance Johnstone (knee), linebacker Ike Ekejiuba (shoulder), defensive end Kevin Huntley (foot), linebacker Grant Irons (back) and running back Rashard Lee (neck) are all questionable.

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