Raiders not stale according to Shell

Oakland Raiders head coach Art Shell talks about a young cornerback who will make a start this week and then looks ahead to the San Francisco 49ers and the talent they have.

At 0-3, the Raiders are looking to get out of the doghouse. But - they have to overcome injuries, the Niners' receiving corps, the rivalry - and Norv Turner? Ok, Turner might be the one factor in the Raiders favor.

In what will be an emotional game, the Raiders say they are worried about themselves and ignore the pundits who say the offense is stale. Shell says his offense has been "picked on" because the team is losing. A win will cure that.

Then there is Ronald Curry - a player that many see will become a bona fide star moving forward. Now if they can just get their playmakers the ball.

Art Shell talks about the upcoming game and more:

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