Raiders here to win?

The Oakland Raiders are playing to win – or so they say. In fact, they are being paid to win. If that is the case, I wonder who is offering the refunds?

--- Raiders offensive tackle Robert Gallery

"This isn't high school football, where we just concentrate on the good things that we did. We're here to win and that's what they pay us for. Nothing else really matters. We have to be brutally honest with ourselves and do the things we do well and get better at the things we don't. We're making mistakes. It's pretty obvious. We're not making big plays. It's a bunch of things. It's not one group or one person. There were plays throughout the game that we could've made and we didn't. It's pretty tough to win in this league playing the way we did."

--- 49ers coach Mike Nolan

"This was certainly a big win for us, for a lot of different reasons. I thought we played well as a team. Coming back after last week's loss, which was a very difficult loss for our football team, we started to question different things, which is natural. There are a lot of things for our young team to learn, and it was a big boost for our football team in that respect as well."

--- Raiders linebacker Kirk Morrison

"We played hard. They have a good offense, regardless of what happened last week. They did their homework on us. They hit us with some big plays and we just didn't stop them when we needed to, and that part sucks. Everyone had a part in it. We had a breakdown on special teams. We made mistakes on offense and defense. We all need to step it up. Coach Shell tells us that we're not a bad team, it's just that we make mistakes at times that end up hurting us in the long run - mistakes that just can't happen."

--- 49ers receiver Arnaz Battle

"I felt offensively we left a lot of points out there, but we stayed focused and continued to do what we do. The defense played well and the special teams came out and executed. It was a well-rounded game, and if we continue to build on it and get better and better, we're going to win a lot of games. I don't think it was anything we did differently today, we just came out and executed. My job every week is to come out and beat the guy that's in front of me. Whether it's blocking or opening up for another receiver, I'm going to do my job. Everybody has to go in there and do their job so we can win as a team."

--- 49ers running back Frank Gore

"It was a big game, and our team played together. We had a good week of practice. We just have to keep doing what we're doing. The offensive line did a great job, and so did Mike (Robinson), Mo (Hicks) and Moran (Norris). When we got our name called, we decided to make a play. I'm happy, because I worked hard all week. I just have to keep going, keep trying, and keep my head right, and stop getting down on myself."

--- Raiders quarterback Andrew Walter

"It was a tale of two halves. We obviously executed much better in the first half than we did in the second. I would make one good play and then follow that with a bad play. You just can't do things like that in the NFL. You have to be more consistent. It's I'm going to be working on more and more. We played well enough in the first half, but we could have done more. We've got to perform better as a unit. For whatever reason, we just didn't get things done in the second half."

--- 49ers rookie defensive end Melvin Oliver, on his fumble return for a touchdown

"I saw the ball and it was tossed laterally. (Defensive line coach) Gary Emanuel always tells us that if the ball is on the ground, pick it up. I didn't hear a whistle, so I picked up the ball and took off. Not too many guys get a chance to do something like that, so it was surreal. It was a defensive lineman's dream."

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