Raiders - Broncos postgame quotes

"We had too many mistakes against a good team. We had too many penalties against a good team. When you do that, you have no chance to win. When you get opportunities to make something happen, you have to get it done. We had a couple chances and we let them get away." - Oakland Raiders head coach Art Shell.

Denver cornerback Champ Bailey on his interception:

"You just have to do your homework and have awareness especially playing against a guy like [Oakland WR Randy] Moss."

Raiders quarterback Andrew Walter on Champ Bailey's interception:

"That was a situation where I was just trying to force it into [WR] Randy [Moss]. Champ Bailey was over the top, and he made the play. In hindsight, I could have gone elsewhere. It would have been better to throw the ball away. He [Bailey] is a smart player, but that play is a part of what we do. I feel comfortable throwing to Randy, but it was a force, and I should have thrown it away."

Denver head coach Mike Shanahan on the gameplan being different for playing a mistake-prone team:

"They made a couple mistakes today. I think the crowd noise had a lot to do with it, with the penalties. You know it's a big advantage playing here, it's one of the reasons we have the record [most home wins], over the years it's our crowd. They're into it. They've helped us in numerous situations and they deserve a lot of credit for how loud it was. It was very impressive being on the sideline. But, it was a very close ball game, I thought it would be. It's always nice to find a way to win those tight games. "

Raiders defensive tackle Warren Sapp on keeping the team together:

"I know we are as a defense, and that correlates to the whole ball club. If you were going to go out and play defense, you will have the chance to win some games. We aren't going to win many with three points, but we are just going to keep plugging along. It's about pride, now, more than anything. We haven't won a game. We can't hang our hat on anything. You have to go out and play. I know for myself I am, because I love this game."

Denver linebacker Al Wilson on Champ Bailey:

He is incredible. He is one of those guys who is truly gifted. Everything just comes natural to him. You can't do anything but admire a guy like that."

Raiders safety Jarrod Cooper on the loss:

"It's frustrating, but it would have been a lot worse if this team didn't show up and play football today. It was a game today. Little mistakes here, little mistakes there, we lost it. Everybody showed up. Some people won their battles, some people lost their battles. What was encouraging today was that everyone showed up. If everyone shows up and you lose, that is one thing. If you lose and half your team is over there, and half your team is over there [gestures opposite direction], that is another thing."

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