Raiders penalized for play

The team had their chances but the Oakland Raider way halted their progress. Penalties were among the worst offenses.

Oakland head coach Art Shell on offensive tackle Chad Slaughter:

"It was a tough, tough game. Some of that stuff happened because the quarterback tried to audible, and on the first noise, he [Slaughter] jumped. That is unacceptable."

Oakland head coach Art Shell on the eight false start penalties:

"The atmosphere in there [Invesco Field at Mile High] was really loud. A majority of the false starts happened after the quarterback tried to audible, they [offensive line] listened for a snap count, and when you try to audible, somebody moves."

Denver head coach Mike Shanahan on worrying about Oakland coming back to win:

"Yeah, you always worry. That's like trying to score every time you have the ball."

Denver head coach Mike Shanahan on Oakland challenging Champ Bailey:

"Champ switched sides, so I'm not even sure if the quarterback knew he switched. He flipped sides a few times today. Sometimes the quarterbacks are looking at those safeties, and he's not always looking at corners, so I would think that he didn't know that Champ was over on that side. That's my guess. I didn't even know he switched sides."

Oakland quarterback Andrew Walter on the eight false start penalties:

"Penalties always kill yourself. They're just like a turnover. When you get a false start, stuff like that just kills you. There was a lot of crowd noise, and their guys were coming off the edges pretty fast. I'm not making excuses for guys, but still we need to clean that up."

Oakland defensive tackle Warren Sapp on the stopping the Denver offense:

"We felt like we had a good shot. They don't do one thing outstanding, except when they do get the running game going. I felt like we had an answer for that. It was just that one play, and one penalty that put them right in field goal range, and that was ten points right there."

Denver safety John Lynch on the game:

"We knew it would be a challenge. They were able to run the football a bit and then they took their shots with [WR] Randy [Moss]. We just tried to keep the ball in front of us and we made the plays when we had to."

Denver safety John Lynch on Oakland penalties:

"You have to credit our crowd right there. I had always heard about the Denver fans but it's just a great atmosphere to come to work to."

Oakland running back Justin Fargas on the his role in the offense and injury:

"I didn't want to leave the game like that. It was a close game and I felt like I could do some things to help the team win. Coach was calling my number and it gave me confidence. Things were going well and something like this happens. It hurts and now it's just a matter of getting back and helping the team."

Denver quarterback Jake Plummer on the Raiders defense:

"We didn't get on the field in the third quarter and it's hard to score when you're not on the field. Other than that we just missed a couple plays and they caught us in a couple of good coverages when we had some third downs.

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