Raiders - Steelers postgame quotes

No one gave the Oakland Raiders a chance against the defending Super Bowl Champions but the Silver and Black intercepted the Steelers bid for a victory.

Oakland Raiders head coach Art Shell on the play of the defense:

"I thought our defense was magnificent throughout the football game. They kept pressure on the quarterback; they kept working to shut the run down. They got turnovers. They played as good as any defense could play in this league against a great football team; against the world championships. We didn't operate as well on all cylinders. Our defense and special teams played very well and on offense we just have to continue to improve."

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Bill Cowher on the loss:

"Well there is a whole lot to say.  Interceptions and two returns for a touchdown, it's hard to overcome, yet we still had some opportunities at the end of the game and just couldn't put it in.  Like I said, it's a situation right now where here we are taking this thing one week at a time and obviously our focus right now has got to go to next week."

Oakland Raiders cornerback/kick returner Chris Carr on the game:

"It was just great for us to win a game like this. I'm especially proud for the defense the whole entire game, from Kirk's interception to Nnamdi's interception, and all the great plays everybody had today because really throughout the whole season our defense has been battling. Sometimes when the offense is struggling and special teams is struggling it's good for our defense to play the way it did. To beat the Steelers here in a close game, the world champions, I think that's great for us."

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger on the Raiders defense:

"I give them a lot of credit, they played great defense today and I'm proud of the way my guys played. They just made plays. The one time on the long one I didn't see the guy there. The one got tipped and intercepted; the other one I was throwing to Hines (Ward) and the guy jumps out of nowhere and picks it off.  So give them a lot of credit for the way thee played."

Oakland Raiders cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha on his interception:

"Howard's a big time athlete and he got up high. Without a tip that's a break up at best. He slowed it down just enough to where I could get in front of it. Then I saw #77 at the end and if he stops me, we have a problem."

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward on facing the Raiders in Oakland:

"Coming to the Black Hole on Halloween, we knew it was going to be tough.  There are no given wins, with us at 2-4 and them at 1-5, we fought our tails off.  It is always the same thing, you turn the ball over in the game, like all the games we lost, we lost the turnover ratio.  It's kind of hard to win ballgames when you do that."

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