Walter in hot water

Oakland quarterback Andrew Walter said the Raiders' playbook doesn't have enough depth.

Coach Art Shell thinks Walter ought to mind his own business.

The aftermath of Oakland's 17-13 loss to the Denver Broncos included a matter-of-fact post-game critique of the team's offensive system by the quarterback followed by Shell's blunt response.

Whether Walter remains the Raiders starter this week against the Kansas City Chiefs will depend on how Aaron Brooks looks in practice, Shell said.

Walter, the starter since the third game of game of the season when Brooks went out with a torn pectoral muscle, said one of the reasons the Raiders have struggled in the fourth quarter was, "We don't have a lot of depth as far as our playbook goes."

After taking a 13-7 halftime lead, using some short throws, including a 21-yard screen and swing passes to LaMont Jordan and Justin Fargas, Walter said the Raiders had essentially emptied the playbook.

"When you go through and exhaust all those plays like those quick hitters, you call them all and the second time around they make their adjustments," Walter said. "Obviously, that's the way it's been a lot this year."

Walter said he told offensive coordinator Tom Walsh he wanted to see "more quick stuff, more swing routes, flat routes, short stuff. You can't keep taking five steps and seven step (drops) ... again, I have to play better, but there's certain things I'd like to see as well."

Walter said his discussions with Walsh have been met with "some acceptance, some rejection."

When asked if Oakland's offense was too predictable, Walter said, "I think that would be a true statement. Absolutely."

Shell, at his weekly press briefing Monday, said he hadn't yet spoken to Walter. Based on what he said at the press conference, Walter can expect to be called in for a chat soon.

"Accountability is big with me. You have to be accountable for what you do," Shell said. "I don't want to get into a contest with a young man but for him to come out and say those things, they're totally off-base as far as I'm concerned."

Shell said Oakland's playbook wasn't all that different than anyone else's playbook, that Denver as well as other teams use plenty of five- and seven-step drops, and that the system is made to fit the quarterback.

"As a staff we try to do things to put our quarterbacks in the best position to succeed," Shell said. "They have just as much input as any group I've been around. To say that we don't have certain things in and we don't do things to adjust to their needs, then that's a little disappointing."

Brooks hoped he would be ready to play but made no promises.

"I expect coach to make the right decision," Brooks said. "I've informed him where I'm at. It will be a judgment from him."

Shell said his decision wouldn't be altered by Walter's critique.

"Words don't sway me as far as that goes," Shell said. "It's what you do on the field and how we feel the team is going to respond to you as a player. That's what's going to make my decision on how we do things."

Shell believes there were plays to be made against Denver, and indeed Walter misfired on some crucial passes. Brooks said he did not share Walter's criticisms regarding the offense.

"I hate to go against Andrew," Brooks said. "He's the one who's in there and he's the one who's playing the game ... all I know is with our lack of production there are many plays to be made out there. For whatever reason they are not being made."

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