Shell says, "We got screwed"

It usually isn't just one play that defines a game but Oakland Raiders head coach Art Shell feels a tad differently this week.

Coach Art Shell, who has backed the officials on several occasions this season when calls went against Oakland, was feeling much different about an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty assessed against Chris Carr that erased an Oakland fumble recovery at the Denver 20-yard line.

Oakland led 13-7 at the time. Had the recovery stood, the Raiders were in position for a field goal or touchdown and a more commanding lead.

"After reviewing it, I saw it and I felt we got screwed," Shell said. "I felt we got a bad call."

Carr, a hero of the Raiders' 20-13 win over Pittsburgh with a 100-yard kickoff return, received the penalty for not returning to the field fast enough after being forced out of bounds while playing gunner on the punt team.

It negated a fumble by David Kircus that was recovered by Stuart Schweigert.

Carr said he was forced out by Denver's Dominique Foxworth and Curome Cox, who then wouldn't let him back on the field.

"They kept hitting me when I was out of bounds, so I fell down, got up and they were still there, so I took a couple of steps, and they said I was out of bounds too long," Carr said. "Maybe I was, but I got myself back in the field of play."

Shell said the film clearly showed that Foxworth and Cox would not let Carr back on the field of play.

Said Raiders special teamer Jarrod Cooper: "What they called was a very, very, very ticky-tack rule."

The Raiders have lost 11 consecutive games against AFC West opponents and are 2-19 against division foes with road games coming up in Kansas City (5-4) and San Diego (7-2) in the next two weeks.

Finding a tight end:

Randal Williams got the bulk of the snaps as Oakland's main tight end, rather than coming in when the situation warranted two tight ends. He responded with five receptions for 61 yards -- the biggest output of his career.

Williams was used so extensively he needed an I.V. and was not on the field for the final two possessions.

"When Aaron (Brooks) was the starting quarterback in training camp, I was the second-string tight end, so Andrew and I have a little vibe going between each other," Williams said. "We were able to hook up a few times. At the end, having to run consecutive routes, I thought it was better to get someone in there who could make a play."

Shell said Williams will continue to get snaps as Oakland's feature tight end, with Courtney Anderson instead coming in as a second tight end.

Winning one battle:

The loss against Denver marked the first time the Raiders had the advantage in takeaways (3-to-2) against a division foe and still lost the game since falling to Kansas City 31-30 on Christmas Day in 2004.

It was only the second time in the last 21 division games the Raiders have been on the plus side of turnover ratio. They lost both times.

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