A different take

The Kansas City Chiefs are preparing for multiple quarterbacks this week as the Oakland Raiders seem unsure of who will get the starting nod. We talked to a Kansas City defender for his take on the Oakland quarterbacks and the rivalry.

What do you know about the Raiders quarterbacks?

Kawika Mitchell: "We have a good feel of all the people they have at the quarterback position. We have film on all of them so we can always look back and see what kind of throws they're making and what kind of offense they're running."

Is there a QB that you'd rather face?

Kawika Mitchell: "Right now I haven't looked at it in depth, but (Aaron) Brooks can sling the ball a far distance. I remember playing against him in New Orleans. He's a good quarterback and he can move his feet pretty well. And the (Andrew Walter) is pretty good too, but I guess he's a little inexperienced."

Can you talk about what you see in the Raiders offense?

Kawika Mitchell: "They're definitely different from what they've been in the past years as far as the way they're running the ball and things like that. Obviously they have a lot of weapons out there so you always have to prepare. They've got a great running back in LaMont Jordan. I don't know if he's had the numbers like he's had in the past, but he's a good running back so you always have to be ready. And no matter what, Randy (Moss) is one of the better receivers in the NFL so you always have to watch out for that guy."

Do you think they'll try to establish the run early against you?

Kawika Mitchell: "I would like to think they would try to run the ball, but at this point with what's been going on this season, they've been throwing the ball a lot more than normal. It still looks like they would like to start off the game trying to run the ball at you and establish the run then go to the pass."

Is the Raiders game always a little more important because of the rivalry?

Kawika Mitchell: "I would like to say it is with Gunther coming back from the Raiders and his past with them. It's easy for us on defense. Other than that it's a big conference game. For myself, I grew up a Raiders fan and my brothers and all them are Raiders fans. So it's always a big game for me."

Do you guys make a big deal about Chiefs-Raiders rivalry?

Kawika Mitchell: "There used to be signs up that said ‘Raider Week.' The trainers used to put them up and things like that. But it's just a sense around town if you see people they talk to you about it. Nobody around here really likes them and you just get that feeling from the whole community."

Is the rivalry still there even when the Raiders are 2-7?

Kawika Mitchell: "You never know. They'll come in and they always have their ‘A' game always with us. I don't remember exactly what the point difference of our games has been in the past, but I know that they're pretty close."

Is the rivalry special to you?

Kawika Mitchell: "My first start I believe was against the Raiders. I was a little star-struck whenever I was chasing after Tim Brown, but besides that I've never looked back."

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