Raiders fall 30 seconds short

Sixty minutes. It takes all of them to win a football game and the Oakland Raiders fell 30 seconds short. "Hopefully, one day we can get this thing turned around," Oakland Raiders head coach Art Shell said. When will one day actually happen? Shell isn't sure.

On today's game:

Art Shell: That was a very tough loss for us. Our guys fought hard to the end, but we just didn't finish, we just didn't get it done. Hopefully, one day we can get this thing turned around and I believe we will. Those games are the games that we will win. We will win those types of games. We just didn't make enough plays in all areas to get it done today.

On QB Aaron Brooks:

Art Shell: [His effort today] shows what he [Brooks] is capable of doing. He brings a lot to the table with his experience. He has the ability to move in pressure and find the open receivers. I felt we needed something to give us a spark and he gave us that. He was able to evade pressure which was a bonus for us.

On the Raiders second-half offensive struggles:

Art Shell: When I watch the film [from this game] I will be able to tell you why [we struggled]. I understand what you're getting at, but right now I don't know what it is [that is causing us to struggle], but we just seem to come out in the second half and we don't get things done the way that we need to get it done.

On WR Randy Moss only seeing two passes his direction:

Art Shell: Moss is…the quarterback makes the decision where to throw the ball.

On QB Andrew Walter starting the final drive in place of QB Aaron Brooks:

Art Shell: Aaron [Brooks] was cramping. He was cramping all throughout his body; his hands were cramping and we just had to get him to take in fluids.

On the Raiders injuries:

Art Shell: Tackle Robert Gallery has a dislocated elbow and RB Lamont Jordan's prognosis is that he tore his MCL.

On the final play in regulation:

Art Shell: The quarterback made a decision to throw the ball in that direction. What coverage they were in, I am not sure. The coverage dictates the quarterback's decision.

On RB Larry Johnson:

Art Shell: Larry [Johnson] is a great back, but we have to tackle and we have to get in areas to stop the run. In other words, we have to fill into our gaps and take on the run. Sometimes we aren't where we are supposed to be. That's a credit to the Chiefs, they did a good job and they created some problems for us. We've been pretty good against the run, but they were able to gain some yardage on us.

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