Brooks feels he can spark offense

Oakland Raiders quarterback Aaron Brooks hadn't played since week one of the NFL season but he did offer a glimpse of what was possible on Sunday in a loss to Kansas City. Perhaps the late game interception was a sign of rust. He is ready to shake, rattle and roll moving forward.

Quarterback Aaron Brooks: On not being in during the start of the final drive:

"The strangest thing happened. I just had a cramp. My thumb got locked. It wouldn't release. I tried every method known to man to keep that from cramping and then my middle finger got a cramp. So, once my thumb released and my middle finger somewhat released, I was able to throw a football. Then I went back in there and tried to make something happen." On if it a lack of fluids that caused the cramping?

"I haven't been on the field playing at such a high level in such a long time. I don't think the conditioning that I did was enough. Again, you can't prepare for such a high energy game and it pretty much got the best of me. Early in the game my calf cramped too." On if he was surprised by his performance:

"No, I've been around this game. This is my eighth season. I've been in the fire and I've been through situations such as today. My deal today was to bring my energy and show my leadership and bring the guys with me. I though the guys did a good job of rallying behind me and rallying behind this whole team and try to come away with the victory. That was my main focus, just to get the guys energized and going, to have some kind of spirit to play the game. I think that's what we've really been missing. I think we went out there and showed what type of team we can be. … I was there encouraging guys and getting on guys when they were messing up and simultaneously trying to get out of the pocket and make some plays. It all goes into one deal."

On his mobility making a difference for the offense:

"It does. It definitely does. That's one of my strengths and that's a strength that can help this football team out. I hope these teams won't be so rush happy. But the guys up front did a great job."

On losing Jordan and the running game struggles during his absence:

"We never really established the running game when he was healthy. By me being back, it contributes and helps, but, again, it just wasn't a full game with him when I was back. All I can say is, we're going to miss him dearly because he's a big running back that can break a lot of tackles and get some extra yardage for us, so we're just going to have to somehow replace him. And that's pretty tough to do."

Wide receiver Alvis Whitted:

On having Aaron Brooks starting at QB:

"He added another dimension to our offense as far as being able to make plays with his legs and escape out of situations that were kind of shady. He made some great plays for us today. You could tell he was glad to be back in the offense and gave us a little spark and doing the things that a quarterback is supposed to do. When you have someone that can stay in the pocket and throw and can make plays with his legs, that's a very dangerous weapon. We're just glad to have him back. He played very well and made some big plays for us."

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