The law of averages

It was another refrain of "Fail to the Chiefs," as the Raiders lost to Kansas City for the seventh consecutive time.

All the games have been decided late in the fourth quarter, most in the final possession. Kansas City has never had a victory margin larger than seven points.

"It's the same thing every time, and going into the game, we knew it," cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha said. "It was the speech coach (Art) Shell gave us before we got on the plane. Regardless of the outcome, it would be close. We just haven't been able to win it."

Safety Stuart Schweigert thinks the law of averages should help the Raiders in the rematch on Nov. 23 in Oakland.

"It comes down the last play every time, and the Chiefs get it every time," Schweigert said. "If I was a betting man, you've got to think we'll come out with one of those games. It's something we've got to overcome. The good thing is we've got another shot at them at our house, which I'm excited about."

The Raiders understood Larry Johnson would be heading in their direction, and they were essentially helpless to stop him. Johnson gained 154 yards on 31 carries, the most any individual runner has gained on the Raiders.

Defensive tackle Warren Sapp believes Johnson to be a fine back, but it wasn't as if the Raiders were attempting to tackle a Hummer.

"He runs on water and Gatorade like the rest of us," Sapp said. "Until they make a running back that runs on motor oil and gas, there shouldn't be anything to fear. But when the guy runs for 5 yards a pop, it isn't going to be cute."

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