Raiders can win with losses

In what is a heated battle, the Oakland Raiders and Detroit Lions are fighting the race of ineptitude.

"We need a win badly," head coach Art Shell said after his team dropped to 2-11 with a 27-10 loss to Cincinnati.

The truth is they need more losses. The Raiders can't worry about winning now – there really is nothing to be gained.

What they can gain by a loss is the first overall pick in the NFL Draft. That should be the goal. They can pick from the best available talent and begin turning the offense around. Or, they will be in a position to trade the pick and acquire more top of the draft talent.

Oakland plays St. Louis at home next week, welcomes Kansas City to the Coliseum on December 23, and travels to New York to face the Jets on New Year's Eve. Oakland's strength of schedule over the final three games is .500 (19-19).

Detroit will be on the road in Green Bay, host Chicago on Christmas Eve, and travel to Dallas to end the season. The aggregate record of their opponents is 23-14 (.622).

Advantage Oakland.

The Raiders have 156 points scored. San Diego Chargers running back LaDainian Tomlinson has 174 by himself. Detroit has scored 236 points.

Advantage Oakland.

The Raiders defense has held the opposition to 269 points, or 20.7 points per game. Detroit has allowed 324 points, or 24.9 points.

Advantage Detroit.

The defense will have to dumb it down a tad and the offense, well, they can just keep doing what they have – or in this case haven't – been doing.

"We've got to get points on the board," Brooks said. " We've just got to take care of the ball better."

Wrong. We are here to implore a different strategy. Turn the ball over at will and continue the dysfunctional offensive philosophy.

If there is anyone to count on it is Brooks. He fumbled once, although he recovered the ball, and threw an interception. With 90 interceptions thrown in his career, including 39 in his last 35 starts, the Raiders are in capable hands. Add in 63 fumbles in 91 career starts and the Raiders are assured of losing out, right?

Forget the talk of winning. The only way to win is to lose.

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