Four Pro Bowlers in Oakland?

Four players in the Pro Bowl from a team that is currently 2-11? Oakland Raiders head coach Art Shell thinks it is more than possible.

On DT Warren Sapp saying the Raiders could have as many as four Pro Bowl candidates

"We have some guys that are candidates for the Pro Bowl for sure from our defensive side of the ball, as well as our punter. We have some guys that have been playing some pretty good football, and I think people recognize that."

On turning the franchise around to win games

"We need a whole team. We need a team to win. We can't just have four guys sprinkled here and there. We have to have a team effort by everybody. We have to have people making plays across the board."

On how LB Robert Thomas has fit in with their defense

"Robert's done well. Robert's come in and he's done everything we've asked him to do. He's played the outside linebacker for us. He's played the middle linebacker spot for us some. He's also playing on special team. So whatever we've asked him to do, he's doing, and he's done well."

On the Raiders' defense

"The highlight is that our defense has played well, for the most part, during the course of the year, up until last week when we didn't play up to the level that our defense normally plays. We have guys like Nnamdi Asomugha who's played excellent on the defensive side as a cornerback, Derrick Burgess is playing well, he's being double teamed and triple teamed and he still has about 10 sacks, we have our punter, Shane Lechler, who's doing well and punts the heck out of the ball. We have guys in the defense that are playing well. Our guys are young, very energetic, and they want to get better, so they'll continue to work to get better."

On the status of WR Randy Moss

"He's moving kind of slow, so he's questionable right now. He's not moving as well as we'd like him to move, but we'll see how it comes out in the next couple of days. He's not practicing today."

On how the game has changed since he last coached the Raiders in 1994

"It's changed in a sense that people defensively are doing a lot more zone blitzes and there are a lot more pressure defenses than when I left the game. They had some pressure, but now it seems like everybody wants to put pressure on the quarterback, so that's changed somewhat. People say that the players have changed. They've changed some, but they still want the same thing. They want direction. They need direction and they want to know how we're going to get there. It's changed some, but not a whole lot."

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