Rams say Sapp still a force

The St. Louis Rams look at the Oakland Raiders and don't see a 2-11 opponent. They see a dangerous team that is ready to explode. It is no surprise the talk surrounds Oakland's defense.

St. Louis head coach Scott Linehan

On having to game plan around Raiders' DE Derrick Burgess:

"I think everybody's got a guy like him. He's kind of a similar thing that you do, what people do to Pisa Tinoisamoa:

because he gets in that wide-tilt, rushes up the field. He's hard to block, so you have to be aware of him. You have to game plan all the players they have on defense. They're playing great defense actually. Kind of hidden within their record. He's a guy that if you don't take caution with him, you're going to be in trouble. They've got Warren:

Sapp in the middle, and they've got some guys that are…their linebackers can really run. One of the reasons they're doing so well is that their secondary's doing so well, and the corners aren't letting guys get open, so it's allowing them to sack the quarterback with just a four-man rush."

On if the Raiders play mainly man or zone coverage:

"They're a combination of both, but usually your single high-safety look a lot, where they get eight people up in the box and they mix up man and zone pretty well. They'll play some different coverages if they think you're throwing the ball, but that's Raider defense. It's been that way since the 70's, so things haven't really changed."

On Raiders' DT Warren Sapp:

"Sapp's having a really good year. They're system was a little bit different. They're toying around a lot with the 3-4, which was probably not his style of a defense, although he can play any defense. Now they've got him back where he looks like he did when he was at Tampa. He's the classic three technique. He plays the run really well, but he can really rush the passer from the tackle spot."

On Sapp lining up like he did at Tampa:

"He's gone back to that alignment and it's been pretty effective for him."

On Raiders' CB Chris Carr:

"He runs hard. He's very quick, so what he does is he makes people miss. Makes a lot of tackles. He runs hard. Has a lot of energy. That's what…you've got to be fearless, but you've got to have some talent too. You've got to have a style about you, and he's got the ability to make big plays because of how he hits the return. He's dangerous."

St. Louis wide receiver Torry Holt

On going against the Raiders defense:

"I think it's going to be a great challenge. Nnamdi:

Asomugha has seven interceptions and he's playing very well and playing at a Pro Bowl level. Fabian:

Washington is playing with a lot of confidence. I think he has four or five interceptions. Their defense is sixth overall in the NFL, so once again we have our hands full. Coming off of Chicago, who I think we faired pretty well against, and coming up against Oakland who's pretty tough. They're definitely going to present a challenge for us for four quarters, so we have to be ready."

On why the Raiders cornerbacks have been successful this year:

"The overall thing that I noticed when I watched them was that they're confident. They're playing man coverage and they're confident in their technique, their speed, and all of their abilities. They're putting themselves in position to make plays."

On how to be successful against the Raiders cornerbacks:

"You have to trust your technique and trust what you're taught and execute the gameplan. I think we have a great gameplan coming up and we have to go out and execute it. We need to use our fundamentals, technique, releases, and all those things at the line of scrimmage to try to give ourselves an opportunity to win on the outside. Nnamdi Asomugha is big, strong, physical, and fast, so he poses a different challenge than Fabian Washington who's quick, smooth, plays off technique, but he's very quick. He's playing with a lot of confidence and he poses a challenge. It will be a great challenge for us on the outside as receivers, so we definitely have to be ready on Sunday."

On the Raiders having three or four Pro Bowl caliber players:

"I would definitely have to agree with that. Nnamdi Asomugha is a Pro Bowl caliber player, Warren Sapp has 7.5 or 8 sacks, and Derrick Burgess has 10 or 10.5 sacks. Those guys are playing at a very high level and that's why their defense is sixth in the league and number one against the pass. It's going to be challenging for us."

On expecting a lot of different looks from the Raiders defense:

"I think he'll throw some different things at us. Watching film on them last week against Cincinnati, I noticed that they switched up some things, so I'm expecting the same thing out of those guys this week against us. But he's going to do what they do and that's close the middle and play man. He's also going to throw a few wrinkles in there and trust his guys to go out and make plays."

St. Louis center Richie Incognito

On matching up against Raiders DT Warren Sapp:

"I'm definitely looking forward to that matchup. We match up very well against each other. He starts off everything with a power move, and that's what I shut down, so I'm looking forward to it. It's going to be a good matchup. He's got some moves and some power. He's been around a long time and he's going to mess with you with his alignment, he's going to work everything off of power and get you leaning. He's a good ball player; he's still got it."

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