Inside the locker room with Derrick Burgess

No motivation is needed according to Oakland Raiders defensive end Derrick Burgess. This is about pride. This is about winning a game and ending the season on its lone high note.

On staying motivated for the final game

We want to win, regardless. It doesn't always come out good, both that's always our plan when we play each week.

On being worried that his teammates don't feel the same way

No, I'm not worried about my teammates at all. Me being one of the captains of this team I understand what the guys are going through, but also the guys understand what I want from them and what the coaches want from them. They bust their butts every game and I don't expect that (lack of motivation) to happen.

On what went wrong this season

I really don't know. That's one of those thing where once this last whistle blows on Sunday, that's one of those things that you have to sit down and really reflect on as a team. I cant really put a finger on it right now so we'll just see what the offseason brings.

On having division in the locker because the defense has performed more then the offense

No, you would think that, but what I notice about the guys is that they haven't separated at all, regardless of what (happens). There have been times where the defense has been doing way better then the offense, but we still stick behind our offensive guys. Were one team, that's all we have.

On the season being embarrassing

I wouldn't say embarrassing, because I take pride every time I step on the field. There's nothing embarrassing to me. Not embarrassing, we take pride in ourselves and in what we do.

On what stands out about the Jets offense

They do a lot of shifting and motioning before the snap. The quarterback does a solid job of getting rid of the ball and knowing where his targets are. They definitely have a lot of different weapons. It's not a lot of big name guy, but they are definitely doing a great job. For one, you have Laveranues (Coles), which is definitely a big name, but the other guys that surround him, they are doing a heck of a job around him.

On the Jets offensive line

They look pretty solid to me; they have some big guys out there. I think both of their tackles have to be over 6-foot-6 and they are both long and rangy. They look pretty good to me, I haven't studied too much on the inside guys, but they look pretty solid.

On D'Brickshaw Ferguson

I haven't seen a lot of film on him, but the film that I have watched so far, he looks solid out there, especially being a rookie starting at left tackle in this league. I don't know how many sacks he's given up, but he looks like he does a decent job as a rookie and he cant do anything but get better.

On ruining the Jets playoff hopes

As a defense, every time we step on the field, we want to wreck havoc. I wouldn't say me and Warren (Sapp); I'd say the defense as a whole. We still want to put our mark on the league and let everyone know that were serious.

On being motivating playing a team with playoff aspirations

Our coaches don't really talk about being spoilers. As a team, for sure as a defense, it's all about pride. We play for pride, pride all day. It really doesn't matter what they have going on or what the score is, we are going to be out there to fight, that's the bottom line.

On the organization talking about the glory days of the franchise

We rarely talk about the glory day out here. That doesn't have anything to do with us right now. We would love to get back to that kind of football, but until we take steps towards that, there is no need to bring that up.

On Coach Shell getting frustrated this season

I think Coach Shell has been a pretty solid rock out here, regardless of all the things that have happened. He's never changed, it's always the same. After a loss, back to work, after the two wins, back to work. He's been pretty consistent.

On having to make a lot of changes next season

That's not my job. I don't worry about the changes that need to be made, I just play, I just work here. When they get into stuff like that I don't worry myself too much with it. All I'm worried about is what I can do to help this team.

On missing Bobby Hamilton

Oh yeah, it will be good to see "B". A good vet like that is hard to come by. He looks like he's doing real well out there in New York.

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