Shell's passion missing even now

Oakland Raiders head coach Art Shell's answers were short, his tone defeated and demoralized – it sums up the season and could sum up his coaching tenure.

On if they made enough adjustments in the game:

Art Shell: They made the plays and we didn't. My hats off to the Jets. They're in the playoffs and they have earned their way there. We didn't make enough plays.

On if he thinks the Raiders played with effort:

Art Shell: Yes I do. I don't think we had a problem with effort. The effort was there, but with effort comes, with making plays. We didn't do that.

On his reaction to this season:

Art Shell: There's a lot of work to be done. There is a lot of evaluation to be done. We have to see where we are and where we are headed. It was a tough season, a very tough season.

On the talent level of the team:

Art Shell: I'm not going to talk about talent right now. We have to take a look at the talent on the team, but I'm not going to talk about that right now.

On how soon he will start to work toward next season:

Art Shell: It starts right now.

On if Randy Moss and Jerry Porter will be on the team next season:

Art Shell: I will not talk about the talent. I will not talk about the team. This is a very emotional time right now and I will not get into that.

On his job status:

Art Shell: I'm the head coach and I plan on being the head coach. If there is something different, I will be told that.

On if he anticipated on having such a poor season:

Art Shell: No. Like I've said, my expectations were very high. I expect a lot out of myself and this team. When we don't come close to those expectations, its disappointing.

On when he will meet with team owner Al Davis:

Art Shell: We talk all the time. I'm sure we will have a meeting. That's the normal procedure.

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