Oakland to drive a new Carr?

The Oakland Raiders have a definite hole at the quarterback position that needs to be addressed. They could use the number one overall pick on a signal caller, but the door has been opened to pick up David Carr for free. Do they take the bait on an automobile that has shown bouts of inconsistency and penchant for taking sacks?

One of the biggest complaints with the Oakland quarterbacks last year was its inability to escape pressure of any sort. Andrew Walter and Aaron Brooks fell more often than rain last season, but that also hinges on the ability of the offensive line to protect its assets.

In five seasons, David Carr was sacked 249 times, just under 50 per. While he completed 60 percent of his passes and leaves Houston as the franchise's all-time leading passer with 13,391 yards and 59 touchdowns, he also threw 65 interceptions.

He led the Texans to a 22-53 record as a starter. The Raiders remain interested, according to a source in the NFL.

"You don't make decisions on players in this league and with your team quick," head coach Gary Kubiak said. "You make those decisions with a lot of people's opinions and a lot of views. You get every coaches opinion. I'm a coach that believes that our defensive coaches need to be a part of our offensive situation."

And that decision was Carr wasn't right for the direction of the franchise.

"David is obviously a talented football player and has value, and I think that value is recognized over the league," Texans general manager Rick Smith said.

Houston had tried to trade Carr but teams understood that the Texans were not trading from a position of strength after naming Matt Schaub, acquired in a trade from Atlanta, their starter.

His rating over his five-year career is 75.5. His best season was in 2004 when Carr passed for 3,531 yards.

"This is hard because it's getting past old for me," Carr said after another loss at the end of the year. "I mean, this is just going on-- doing this, coming up and getting beat."

The path to Oakland seems clear. Adding Carr would give Oakland multiple options at the top of round one. They would still be able to select a quarterback with an eye on bringing him along slowly or could look in another direction.

The best player in the NFL Draft is Calvin Johnson – not a position of need, but one that could be too tough to pass up.

Structuring the deal in such a way that would pay dividends this year without playing their hand in future years will be an essential part of the plan – ensuring suitors for the number one overall pick in the NFL Draft continue to come. And adding Carr would give the Raiders a shot of adrenaline in what has been a quiet off-season for the franchise.

"It's still football," said Carr on playing for another team. "I'd still have my family with me, so I mean the only hard thing about it (is) just not being around the guys that I have been around for five years (Steve) McKinney and (Zach) Wiegert and those guys. It would just be football for me."

Considered a role model and solid leader, Carr has been chastised for his throwing angle, coming in at more of a three-quarters angle than overhand and prone to having balls knocked down.

He would, however, offer upside with the proper protection scheme around him. If Oakland could get improvement from its line play, Carr could still succeed – and it wouldn't cost the Raiders a draft pick to find out. That, in itself, could be compelling enough for Oakland to give him a shot.

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